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Ningbo Chinsunboard Building Material Technology Co.,Ltd(former Ningbo Yihe Greenboard Co.,Ltd)based in China and has been established for over 15 years and is one of the biggest manufacturers of fiber cement board, magnesium oxide board, calcium silicate board under the trademark Chinsunboard.

Calcium Silicate Board and Fiber Cement Board for Partition and Flooring

Wall partitions, exterior facade, ceiling and flooring, etc are some of the essential types of building construction related matters that often raise their head and persuade people to choose a variety of material. If you are looking for such material, you will have various options to choose. However, durable life, hardness and reliability are three main points to consider.

Magnesium Oxide Boards for Secure and Durable Flooring and Partitions

Magnesium Oxide Boards or MGO boards are available in a variety of designs and types that are taken into use for fencing, partition, flooring and various other purposes. You have to reach the right manufacturer to choose the best boards.

Find the Best Building Material Manufacturer to make a Purchase

In addition to, all our products are manufactured under the strict product stability and quality test with the ISO certified international quality control system. We also offer the professional solution for several needs from different countries.

Assemble MGO Board on Your Buildings to Increase Its Protection

Every people concern more about protecting their residents from fire accidents but unfortunately, the accurate method to avoid such accidents will not seek by them. Now you all can clear your chaos and avail on the Magnesium Oxide Board.

Fiber Cement Boards and Calcium Silicate Boards at Competitive Rates

Different types of fiber cement boards and calcium silicate boards are required for various purposes that you can get in a variety of types, sizes and color combinations for specific uses. In order to fulfill your requirement, you need to reach the right supplier or directly to the manufacturer.

Magnesium Oxide Boards — Advanced Building Material for Superior Performance

You can buy Magnesium Oxide Board or MGO Board online according to your choice and requirement for superior performance and to enhance your experience. You have to find the right manufacturer and place your order. There are different types of building boards required to ensure smooth processing and for various other purposes.

Shop for the Best Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board is made from a blend of Portland bond, fine silica, uncommon cellulose filaments and chose fillers to confer solidness, durability, and fire and dampness obstruction. Calcium Silicate Sheet is relieved by an autoclaving procedure whereby the fixings are responded together under the impacts of super-warmed steam and high weight.

Shop for the Best Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board is made from a blend of Portland bond, fine silica, uncommon cellulose filaments and chose fillers to confer solidness, durability, and fire and dampness obstruction. Calcium Silicate Sheet is relieved by an autoclaving procedure whereby the fixings are responded together under the impacts of super-warmed steam and high weight.

What is MgO Board?

Different stores are found somewhere else around the world, however not all have the right quality for making sheathing. There is adequate mine-capable MgO spread far and wide to make enough “MgO drywall” for hundreds of years. MgO board additionally contains other magnesium-based parts, yet MgO is the primary one.

Avail High-Quality Fiber Cement Board and Use for Industry Purpose

Are you looking for the best place to buy cement sheet? If yes then you have arrived at the right place. We are one of the leading and popular manufactures of cement sheet. We provide high-quality materials which can be used for exterior facade, ceiling, interior wall partition, and many others. Our products are 100% approved by the testers without the asbestos. We provide a specialized solution for different needs from various clients.

Reduce the Damage Made In Construction by Using Magnesium Oxide Boards

Magnesium oxide board is the strong and impervious material to fire, water, insects, and chemicals so then it helps in construction. Since MGO panel is the best smooth board on one side and it also durable so it will offer the best finishing. Besides, the construction will get completes as soon as possible by means of the magnesium board.

What is the Fiber Cement

We can define fiber cement as a material derived from cement, in fact it could be said that it is a mixture of Portland cement and fiber cement sheet and it is used to make light and rigid type plates which are used too much in the field of construction.

Description of Magnesium Oxide Board

The Magnesium Oxide board are the best environmental and technological alternative for replacing gypsum board, fibro-cement, fiberboard and similar in floors, mezzanines, ceilings and both interior and exterior walls. Mgo board is suitable for a wide range of general uses of board construction and for applications requiring fire resistance, mold and fungal control, as well as sound control applications.

Main Uses of Calcium Silicate Board

High density and strength fiber cement board is an architectural board of high-quality calcium silicate reinforced with fibers and fillers selected from cellulose. It is 100% free of asbestos, sepiolite, inorganic fibers or formaldehyde.

Uses and Applications of Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium is a chemical element that represents 2% of the earth's crust, which makes it the seventh chemical element in abundance on the planet. In nature, magnesium cannot be found in pure form, is part of compounds, in general oxides and salts, so it must be separated to have it in its pure state.

Buy Calcium Silicate Board and Fiber Cement Sheet Online

When it comes to building or constructing strong exteriors as well as interiors, installing calcium silicate board and fiber cement sheet is must to have. Several construction companies across China deals in efficient construction solutions with finest quality raw material so that construction of such materials is long lasting forever.

Avail Magnesium Oxide Boards at Affordable Prices

You’re seeking fiber cement boards and magnesium oxide boards, avail online orders for a long-lasting wall and ceiling finishes. Controlling quality and stability of products has always been the utmost priority and construction companies adhere to the ISO9001 International Quality Control System strictly. Avail online orders for quick service and marvelous construction experience.

Avail Fiber Cement Sheet for Better Building Construction Solutions

If we talk about what exactly fiber cement sheet is, it is basically a mix of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride with a hint of natural mineral components like the palm fiber mixed with fine fiberglass mesh. The mgo board is primarily used for decorating the interiors that covers ceiling and wall panels, whereas the fiber cement sheet takes care of the exterior part of any domestic and commercial facility.

Buy Fiber Cement Sheets at Affordable Prices

The fiber cement sheets and mgo boards are best to use for constructing buildings. Building homes and offices isn’t easy but with technical skill set and advance architectural designs; one can construct any difficult design. However, sturdy buildings require quality cement for extraordinary exteriors and amazing interiors.

Get Home the Comfort of Fiber Cement Sheets and MGO Boards

Construction companies often look forward to efficient solutions that can make their working easy on a daily basis. The fiber cement sheet and MGO board are the best you can work with for achieving the desired construction results. Investing in the mgo boards and fiber cement sheets is wise thing to do as both the materials are sturdy.

Contact the Reputed Fiber Cement Sheet and MGO Board Suppliers

If you’re looking for the efficient options buying fiber sheets and MGO boards from the reputed suppliers is the foremost thing to do. Just contact them online and purchase the fiber sheets and mgo board at affordable prices and suppliers offer at best deals. Both the things come with unique features including high absorption of water and high heat resistance along with flexibility and easy to install features.

Fiber Cement Sheets Available at Wholesale Prices Online

Several suppliers offer lucrative deals and make the materials available for sale to the customers across the globe. With fiber cement sheets and MGO boards, beautify your ceilings and wall panels to give a more defined look and feel. Just invest in the reputed companies dealing with these materials and stay sorted forever.

Fiber Cement Sheets and MGO Boards – The Best Construction Materials

Are you renovating your home or office, recently? If yes, consider opting for fiber cement sheets and MGO boards. These are not only sturdy solutions to your house interiors an attractive look and feel but an extremely modern feel as well.

Fiber Cement Board: Know What Actually Construction Needs now Days

Most Builders, Architects prefer fiber cement product as their first choice due to low maintenance, flexibility and easy to work. It can be used for exterior and interior applications for its weather resistant capability. Magnesium Oxide Board also known as Magnesia. It is consist of Magnesium and Oxygen atoms and that make it very strong. Magnesia ore deposits are mostly found in China, Europe and Canada.

Fiber Cement Sheet can work well for you for the greater part a century

Fiber cement sheet is produced using a composite of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, which is then mixed with water, waxes, and saps. The material is then autoclaved; a process in which the blend is exposed to very pressurized steam that presses the material into its last structure. It holds paint incredibly well. It is steady and doesn`t grow or contract.