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Headline for 21st Century 5th-Grade Learners
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21st Century 5th-Grade Learners

Lessons plans for 5th- grade learners that cover the 8 must have skills for 21st century students.

This lessons is designed to inform the students of what characteristics a good leader has and has them evaluate their own leadership skills. Once the topic of leadership has been discussed and the students are aware of the qualities and traits that a leader holds, each student will be assigned a new and challenging sport. They will then be responsible for learning this sport and teaching other students how to play the sport as well. After each student has taught their sport, the groups will discuss the leaders weakness and strengths in order to be more successful in the future.

Digital Literacy

Students will test their knowledge of digital literacy by completing this newspaper assignment. They will have to ensure that they use accurate detail, compete sentences, and correctly spelled words in order for their paper to be published. The student's work will be checked by an editors multiple times in order for all mistakes to be corrected. At the conclusion of the lesson, a discussion will be held about the process of creating something so important as a newspaper and why it makes digital literacy so important.


This lesson is a great way to build communication skills as well as team building and cooperation skills. This lesson pairs students up in two groups of two with their backs against each other. They each take turns describing to the other of what and where they should be drawing on their paper. At the end, their communication and feedback skills will be judged on what the final product of the picture looked like.

Emotional Intelligence

Through this lesson, students are learning that they can identify the way they are feeling and that they have control over their emotions. Students begin by identifying and sharing a recent emotion emotion through a few exercises. A thumbs up/thumbs down activity will then be played to identify right and wrong behaviors and help explain why these certain responses to emotions should or should not happen. A fill in the blank independent sheet will be given at the conclusion of the exercises to see if the students can create good actions that stem from certain emotions that they may experience.

In this lesson, student will first learn as a group about what an entrepreneur is and early American farmers were labeled this thank to goods, services, and trade. They will then break in to small groups and complete different activities to test their knowledge about the life of entrepreneurs. To assess the student's knowledge, they can write a paragraph about the pros and cons of why labor should be divided up for production. The class will come back as a whole at the end to discuss their findings and share their newly learned knowledge.

Global Citizenship

Cultural knowledge is something that many of today's students lack. This lesson will give students a look in to many other cultures and show them just how similar they can be. They will learn that every culture has their struggles but also has their own traditions and ways of living that work perfect for them. The students will be made aware that each culture is special in their own way and that is what makes them unique.

Problem Solving

This lesson has students using problem solving techniques to answer a real life questions that will help build the essential life skill of understanding money. The lesson follows more of the I do, We do, You do structure by first having the teacher walk through solving an example problem with the students, then have the students solve a problem as a whole, and then have the students break in to groups to create and solve their own problems. These problems can then be shared and taught to the class by each of the groups.


The purpose of this lesson is for a lesson plan to be created and taught by one group of students and learned by another group of students. This displays a double set of team work because both sets of students have to do their part in order for the lesson to be taught and learned. The fifth grade students will need to be able to conduct the required research and preparation in order to successful relay the information to the third graders. The third grade students will have to be motivated, attentive, and ask questions in order to fully understand the material being taught by the fifth graders.