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Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic

Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas was started by Dr. Mark Currington in 2005.

It was started as a small one-doctor clinic to multiple practitioners and employees.

This practice was started in the Park Cities area because of its central location to Dallas or people who work in Dallas.

Your Guide to Having a Healthy Spine

We hope this article will help improve your spine health considerably.

The Advantages of Spinal Decompression

Ever heard of a spinal decompression? Well, it’s a process that relieves pressure on your spinal discs by gently stretching your spine.

What Can You Do to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition that is caused by pressure being placed on the median nerve.

What Can You Do to Relieve Joint Pain?

Joint paint can range from being a mild inconvenience to a severe condition that it interferes with your way of life.

5 Ways on How You Can Prevent Headaches

Having a headache is uncomfortable. At times, it can be mild. But, there are also times when it becomes unbearable, even affecting how you go about your daily tasks.

Personal Fitness: 5 Tips on How You Can Minimize Your Risks of Injuries

Exercise is an important part of achieving a healthy body and staying physically fit. Exercising regularly can provide you with a lot of benefits not only in the physical aspect but even in the emotional and mental ones.

But exercising too much or exercising in an incorrect form can do more harm than good. Injuries can be the result, leaving you in pain and discomfort. While some injuries can be addressed immediately by seeing a chiropractic in Texas, there are those that render you immobile for the next few days or even weeks.

Tech Neck: What It Is and How You Can Combat It

You can surely stay away from any spinal tension problem with health awareness. Through good guidance on better posture from our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, you can make this lifestyle change possible.

Do you think you might have tech neck? Check with our experts at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic. Let us help you see if you have tech neck or start performing ways to prevent tech neck.

Foot Pain and Home Remedies You Can Do

For these kinds of pain, Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic has the expertise to help improve foot pain conditions. If left untreated, some of these ailments like gouty arthritis may lead to permanently damaged joints and high uric acid levels may lead to kidney problems.

Different yet common foot pain that people go through at any given point in time can be caused by either injuries or lifestyle and by consulting in our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, we can help you steer clear from these commonly reported foot pains.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

When you are looking for a way to improve your health, you cannot go wrong with regular exercise. Working out on a routine basis can actually enhance nearly every aspect of your health and ensure that you can continue living life to the fullest. So here are a few of the many different benefits that you can enjoy from regular exercise and how a lifestyle management clinic in Dallas, Texas can help you.

Chiropractic in Texas | Dallas | Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic

For your questions about Chiropractic, Allergy Testing or Primary Care, call Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic at 214-520-1006 today.

Boosting Your Health with a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

There are many different methods at your disposal for when you are interested in improving your health. You can exercise, improve your diet, or even go to a lifestyle management clinic in Dallas, Texas. However, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a solid foundation. This foundation begins with your diet. Here are a few of the many ways a balanced and nutritious diet can help boost your health:

Medical Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

You can find this service right here in our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, where we also offer a variety of other health-related services from Spinal Decompression Therapy to allergy testing and many more. Whether you are looking for a team of professionals for a medical weight loss program, or a Chiropractic in Texas, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We are glad to serve you!

2 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain and How You Can Manage Yours

At our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, we offer a varied range of services through our multiple practitioners to help you improve your health and well-being. We make sure to cater to your needs in pain relief by thoroughly understanding of what is best for you. Whether it’s Spinal Decompression Therapy you are looking for or a Chiropractic in Texas, you can call us at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic, and we will happily discuss your options with you.

Clinic Services | Dallas, Texas | Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic

We cater to the needs of individuals of any age, making sure that no matter who you are, you get the right care for a healthier life.
If you have inquiries, we’ll be delighted to talk to you at 214-520-1006. An appointment can also be requested online

Health Insurance | Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic | Dallas, Texas

Our clinic provides a variety of services through integrated medical practice. Composed of practitioners and other professionals, our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas can provide options on how you can get better with whatever condition you have or minimize the amount of pain you are feeling with such condition.

Healthy Pregnancy: Top 7 Things You Can Do

But once that news is out, you will have to take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy. A lifestyle management clinic in Dallas, Texas can help you by providing routine care while you are pregnant so that you and your baby can stay healthy.

5 Tips To Ensure Safety And Good Health When Running

While visiting a lifestyle management clinic in Dallas, Texas can help, there are also other tips you can follow to stay safe while running.

The Thing About a Migraine and Living with It

Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic is your partner in providing relief and therapy to a wide variety of conditions. We also offer various services such as Spinal Decompression Therapy. Talk to us so we can help you with your specific situation!

Level 4 Laser Therapy | Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic | Dallas TX

How can we help you? Find out more about Clinic by calling Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic at 214-520-1006.

Weightlifting: 9 Pointers to Ensure Your Safety

It is important that you are physically ready for weightlifting. While weightlifting is mostly for everybody, you first need to check with your doctor or a healthcare professional to determine if this is the right workout for you. Schedule a visit to a reliable Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas as soon as you can.

Medical Practice | Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic | Dallas, Texas

Ask for assistance today! Call 214-520-1006 for your questions about Hormone Therapy, Primary Care or Chiropractic.

Understanding Heel Spurs and How Chiropractic Can Help

While “spurs” rings a delightful familiarity to NBA fans, it doesn’t give the same delight to those who suffer from a heel spur.

The Benefits of Good Nutrition During a Chiropractic Treatment

Maintaining good nutrition is basic to healthy living and lifestyle. This includes ensuring eating a balanced diet every time and staying away from foods that don’t have nutritive value. When good nutrition is not possible to do on your own, you can seek help from home care professionals who can help prepare this kind of healthy serving.

Chiropractic in Texas for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A lot of people are diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, each year, with Carpal Tunnel Release being one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. The syndrome, which is characterized as a tingling, numbness, burning, and extreme pain sensations in parts of the hands and wrists, is so common, and yet many of the surgeries performed have been reported to be unsuccessful in treating the disease completely.

What You Should Know About Spinal Decompression Therapy

More technically referred to as nonsurgical decompression therapy, spinal decompression therapy involves a procedure that stretches the spine, with the use of a traction table or a similar motorized device, with the goal of providing relief from back and leg pains. The procedure is a non-invasive alternative to its counterpart, which is surgical spinal decompression, which includes procedures such as laminectomy and microdiscectomy.