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"21st Century Fourth-Grade Learners"

I've attached links to several different lesson plans that focus on each of the 8 skills needed by our generation of 21st century learners.

This packet contains a variety of activities for students in grades K-3, but the activities can also be used for fourth-grade students. The goal of each activity is for students to recognize and problem-solve through a situation. Students will also become more aware of their social-emotional needs.

Lesson | Communication Lesson Plan | Drawing Lesson Improves Communication Skills | Education World

This activity will allow students to work together by focusing on their communication skills. Students will learn that clear communication skills are needed to successfully accomplish a task.

By reflecting, students will have the opportunity to evaluate their ability to work successfully as a team. They will develop new ideas and work on becoming better team members.

Civics and Government Lesson Plans | Global Citizenship: Lesson (3-5) | Share My Lesson

Global Citizenship: Lesson (3-5)

To access this lesson, teachers should create an account on the website. This lesson plan contains activities that are appropriate for students in grades 3-5. This guide contains different lessons and a step-by-step guide for teachers to follow as they are teaching students about global citizenship.

Teachers could use this lesson to teach students about entrepreneurship. Students will watch an episode of Bizkid$ and answer questions relating to entrepreneurship. The teacher has a variety of options to choose from when integrating other content areas into each lesson.

Team Problem-Solving Fun | Education World

Students work cooperatively to solve a variety of puzzles and puzzle-based problems.The teacher will divide the class into groups and allow students to work together as they problem-solve.

Lesson 1: What Makes a Leader? |

Students will identify characteristics of leadership by researching the lives of great American leaders. By learning about the lives of American leaders, students have the opportunity to learn about the qualities needed to become a leader.

Behaving Ethically Online: Ethics and Empathy | MediaSmarts

By teaching this lesson, teachers allow students to reflect upon their decision-making skills as they are interacting with other people digitally. It is important for students to learn how to control their emotions while interacting with others online.

Digital Literacy Framework - Grades 4-6 | MediaSmarts

This link provides a variety of lesson plans for teaching digital literacy to their students. It is important for students to use the internet in a safe and responsible way. Teachers must click on a file to access a lesson plan. Teachers can select a lesson plan based on the age of their students.