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What Every Millennial MUST GET RIGHT By 40 OR They're Screwed!

Ray Dalio says these 3 books have 'had the biggest impact' on his life

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio shares his top book recommendations on Reddit.

16 of the biggest leaders in Silicon Valley reveal the one thing they would tell their teenage selves

Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and various other leaders in the tech industry have been asked the question 'What would you tell your younger self?' in interviews over the years. Here's what they said.

A woman entering her sixties writes a powerful letter to her 16 year old self

It’s an interesting question. As a woman entering her sixties, what would I say to my 16 year old self? To do this, I need to go back there to that young girl of 16. I was on a fairly traditional path. I came from a large family and felt...

Benjamin Franklin built his character around 13 virtues — and following his weekly plan could change your life

Founding father Benjamin Franklin sought to practice what he preached by carrying around a chart in order to track his weekly virtues.

12 books Elon Musk thinks everyone should read

Elon Musk says that reading books is crucial to his amazing success. If you want to read like Elon, here's a good list to get started.

Gen-Z Is About to Outnumber Millennials. Here's How That Will Affect the Business World

Generation Z will soon be the biggest generation and their communication and consumption habits will set new trends for us to follow.

13 brilliant quotes from Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time

From drinking Coke for breakfast to carrying around an old-school flip phone, Warren Buffett, 'The Oracle of Omaha,' has always done things his way.

Native Americans Left A Code Of 20 Rules For Mankind To Live By…

Thoughts are extremely powerful, capable of holding you back, pushing you down, or lifting you up. Your life is reflection of your thoughts and the words you live by. Everyone, regardless of their religion or nationality, sticks to certain words of wisdom. These words are so powerful that they surpass all the differences between people. …