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Headline for Garden Tools: What Do You Need To Make Your Garden Perfect
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Garden Tools: What Do You Need To Make Your Garden Perfect

Every gardener amateur or professional at some point is faced with the need to buy a lawn aerator. Many at this moment make mistakes, so we'll figure out why, when, what and how to use lawn aerators ...

So, in the "question-answer" mode, we suggest you to find out why aeration is necessary, what is its essence, when to use the aerator for the lawn correctly and what do you get as a result, and most importantly, what benefits the aeration to your garden brings.


Aerator: How Does It Work

Aerator: How Does It Work

Q: What does the lawn aerator do?
A: Simply put, this is the process of forming holes in your lawn with the direct removal of material on the surface. This allows you to open access to the lawn for fertilizers, water, and oxygen. Penetration to the roots improves, which leads to healthy grass and as a result of aesthetic improvement of your lawn. The process of aeration in practice looks like this:

Q: Is aeration effective for all types of grass?
A: Yes, aeration of your lawn can be carried out for any kind of grass intended for sowing lawns. Thanks to aeration, the health, and quality of almost any, at first sight, an even decent lawn can be significantly improved.

Q: How do I know if my lawn requires aeration?
A: Excellent candidates for aeration, in any case, are clay soils under the lawn, hard soils after rolling with vehicles, and lawns containing a high density of old dry grass (last year's). In practice, if your lawn stagnates water after rain or watering the lawn, this is the first sign that he needs aeration! In fact, any lawn, healthy or not, can be amenable to annual aeration - this will only benefit.

Q: Will the aerators in the form of a peak, not knives, do the same?
A: No, although the peaks also make holes in the grass, in fact, the peak that plunges into the soil, compresses the soil, and does not produce slits with the removal of a part of the soil. And although the use of the peak gives short-term results, in the long run, this leads to the opposite results and the need to purchase an aerator for a knife-type lawn. Therefore, sandal-aerators, aerator-rollers, and other devices do not bring the desired result.


Lawn Movers: Useless Or Not?

Lawn Movers: Useless Or Not?

Probably there is no such owner of a country house who does not want a site around his house to be well-groomed and neat. Lawn is not the last element of landscape design, which can perfectly transform the territory.

But at the same time he will also demand the care of himself, in connection with which you will have to think about purchasing garden equipment - in particular lawn mowers.

This tool is not difficult to manage, but it is powerful and mobile. How does the lawnmower work?

In our time, a lot of companies are engaged in the production of garden equipment, and the buyer offers a choice of gasoline, electric and even batteries. Lawn mowers in this list are also no exception. But even despite their diversity, lawn mowers work on the same principle. That is, this type of technology is a trolley on wheels, with a cutting mechanism. The knife moves with the help of an engine.

How to mow the grass?

Before using a lawn mower, you still need to prepare a site for it. That is, from the lawn we remove branches, stones and other small debris.

Remember also that if, while working on a lawn mower, there is an obstacle in your way, then the option of breaking it can not be ruled out. After plot preparation, we check knives and screws. Namely, that they were securely fixed. If you use a gasoline model of a lawnmower, before using it, do not forget to check the oil and fuel level.


Auto-Watering In Your Garden

Auto-Watering In Your Garden

Why do you need auto-watering?

  • Saves time and effort, because everything is done for you automatically. It is necessary to be able to rest, and not to go out of town in order to infinitely dig and water the beds.
  • Even if you are not on the site, you can not worry about your favorite plants, the auto-irrigation system will turn on and off the watering in a timely manner.
  • ¬†For economical hosts, it is especially important that the automatic irrigation system reduces the water flow for irrigation by almost 50%, and with the use of drip irrigation and micro irrigation, the percentage of savings increases.
  • Drip irrigation ensures that each plant will receive the exact amount of water needed for growth and maturation.
  • To organize such a system, you can use absolutely any area of the earth, regardless of the slope and proximity of groundwater.
  • The plant will be protected from an excess of moisture, the roots will receive the right amount of water, and the leaves and trunks will not "burn" in the sun. In addition, the automatic watering system does not allow cold water to reach the roots of the plant - while it passes through the pipes, it manages to warm up and get the right temperature.
  • Do not worry about the site's landscape if you are going to install such a system. Experienced masters produce the installation very carefully, almost without damaging the landscape, and after the return to it the previous appearance. After installation, such a system will not be easy to notice at a time when it does not work.
  • ¬†Thanks to the auto-watering system, the beautiful and fragrant care of your estate is guaranteed, and the plants, including lawn grass, will always be juicy and full of health.

Decor Ideas - 3 Tips To Make Your Garden Beautiful

Decor Ideas - 3 Tips To Make Your Garden Beautiful

You need only a little to change the landscape around your favorite country house - and the garden will be transformed beyond recognition. Such an effect is not achieved either by decorating, or by cardinal change of plants of accessories.

This way of "renovating" the garden - the complication of space - without stretching can be called revolutionary, because in this case not only the maximum of available space is involved, but there is also an additional one.

The explanation is simple: in most cases, space changes not visually, but physically. design of the garden with your own handsUse of this design technique completely distracts attention from the shape and size of the garden and allows you to create unusually beautiful and at the same time rational landscapes. And for residents of places with a problematic climate there is also a pleasant bonus: thanks to the spatial elements in the garden, the minuses of natural conditions are "smoothed out": lack of heat and excess moisture.

In order to transform the garden, it is enough to use one of the five principles, which we will discuss below. But if you want to create the impression of a completely new space, apply them all at the same time.


Tips To Make Your Garden Beautiful

1. Creating an architectural multilevel.
All the "floors" can be used, filling with various elements of landscape design. Multi-leveling is achieved in two ways: you can use the natural terrain of the site or build special structures that will create artificial differences in heights. For example, if the site has a pronounced relief or is on a slope - let this relief work for you. Arrange the retaining walls and steps, all kinds of podiums and recreational areas. The latter can be erected not only with the technology of "classical" retaining walls but also decorated as hanging observation platforms and balconies, where a part of the platform rests on a slope, and a part on firm piles.

The piles must have a reliable foundation laid on the depth of freezing. After all the transformations, the site will be a system of large and small terraces, the area of which is used to it`s maximum. On the terraces, you can make flower beds, plant a lawn, build an arbor, plant trees and shrubs, erect a bath and even arrange a small pond.

2. Organization of vertical gardening.
These elements of garden architecture are expressive and very popular. Due to them, the garden space becomes more interesting and deeper, different dimensions appear in it. Just do not forget that vertical landscaping is planned in advance, at the construction stage, as it is connected with the "engineering part" of the garden. The supports here "work" on an equal footing with the plants and can be either visible or hidden, for example, removable synthetic nets or wire stretched between pegs. Walls of buildings and fences are also an option. Or choose the usual decorative supports: garden screens, pergolas, trellises, arches, trellises, turrets, columnar, made of thin metal pipes, wood or forged elements.

For a garden in the Japanese style, bamboo is most appropriate. And if you want something non-standard, use as supports "objects" that are in your garden: withered trees, picturesque large snags, tall lamps, drainpipes.

3. Creating the optical effects in the garden.
The impression of a multi-level garden will arise if you use different structural and finishing materials, various colors, and estimates. For example, without damage to the style, one can combine stone, wood and metal structures within a single garden.

You can build a wooden gazebo and zonate the garden space with the help of gabions - wire structures with a backfill of stone. Or the main objects in the garden make wooden, and in the container, garden use galvanized or terracotta or both.

The paths can be made from natural stone and supplemented with wooden decking. But if you are a "fan" of one material (natural stone, for example), "play" on the difference of invoices. Important: choosing a color decision, do not stop at one color, call for help contrasts. But do not get carried away with the number of colors - if you want the garden to look noble, more than four different colors should not be used while decorating it.