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21st Century 3rd Grade Learners

Problem Solving Lesson

In this lesson, students will use problem solving to determine length, width, perimeter, and surface area. Students will work with 2-D representations of 3-D objects. This builds off of mathematical standards that students work with in the 3rd grade.

Teamwork Lesson

In this lesson. students research the physical characteristics, adaptations, and habitat of an animal and share their findings through a question and answer session with the animal. To assist the students, they will work in teams to collaborate. This teamwork will assist them in being 21st century learners.

Through this lesson, students determine when an advertisement or brand is being used efficiently. This is done while looking at real world examples through the use of technology. This helps students get a glimpse of what the advertisement world is like and how it functions.

Communication Lesson

This lesson helps students understand how communication can be flawed. Students explore how to communicate in a variety of ways. They determine what efficient communication looks like by viewing various clips.

Entrepreneurship Lesson

Students will learn about entrepreneurship. They will discuss what it would be like to be in charge of their own business or company. Then, the students will make comic storyboards to show the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Global Citizenship Lesson

This lesson helps students become aware of a global issue: food insecurity. It covers the issue of food insecurity. Students will make lists that pertain to protecting necessary resources. At the end of the lesson, the teacher will connect this to students by discussing their personal needs. Students will begin to understand that these are the same needs that others have across the globe.

Leadership Lesson

Through this lesson, students explore the difference between a leader and a boss. They sort traits onto a t-chart. The t-chart has one side for boss and another for leader. The teacher helps students think through certain scenarios and how a leaders should react. This could be adapted to use technological resources to complete the t-chart in a digital format.

This lesson begins on page 4 of this document. Students explore emotional intelligence by discussing Helen Keller. The teacher will discuss how people who can not hear or see communicate. The teacher will challenge students to think about what this might be like for an individual. They will discuss the difficulty that someone who can not hear or see might have when trying to communicate their emotions. The teacher will challenge students to look for braille and sign language in their every day lives.