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21st Century 9th Grade Learners

Lesson plans for 21st century learners


Leadership lesson plan covers four main styles of leadership: Autocratic, Democratic, Free-Rein, and Self-Managed Teams. It includes a Leadership characteristics quiz, multiple videos about leadership, leadership styles PowerPoint, as well as writing prompts to use as assessments of student learning.

Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy lesson plan covers information about copyright law, fair use, creating and using digitally items, and digital ethics. Content included in the lesson includes multiple videos, information for lecture and discussions, a copyright quiz, current digital literacy news articles, a sample video release form, and numerous links to websites that students can use to learn more about digital literacy.


The Communication lesson plan deals with interpersonal communication between peers and groups. The lesson plan includes an ice breaker activity to stimulate communication, a communication lecture PowerPoint, student self-reflection, mine field activity for team building, and a ten question assessment (mostly open-ended) to be given at the end of the lesson.

Emotional Intelligence

This is by far the most interesting lesson plan that was discovered! The emotional intelligence lesson revolves around portraying hidden emotions through the creation of masks. It can be used as part of a larger lesson but the provided lesson content allows it to stand alone as an effective individual lesson as well. An emaze presentation is provided that goes into detail about emotion, the creation of masks, as well as a video about the visual storytelling that took place in the Broadway version of The Lion King. Information about mask-making in also included in the resources for the lesson. Complete directions for brainstorming and designing of the masks is in the presentation and resources. The mask making section is fairly in-depth but much simpler masks can also be created using construction paper, glue, scissors, and markers.


In this Entrepreneurship lesson plan, students will work through the process of creating a business plan. Lesson resources include videos, discussion prompts, three brief assessment questions, as well as business plan project guidelines and directions for each component of the plan.


Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

This lesson plan addresses global citizenship from the viewpoint of conducting business in an international market. Different cultural environments are looked at which includes customs, languages, demographics, and other global differences. The resources include a PowerPoint presentation and student guided notes, an article about business failures in other countries as a result of U.S. companies failing to understand different cultures and language, as well as a student journal assignment writing prompt to use as an assessment.

Problem Solving

This problem solving lesson plan addresses the steps in the problem-solving process: 1. define, 2. prepare, 3. try 4. reflect. Activities include drawing a bicycle and working with peers to discover which important components of the bike are missing. Another part of the lesson required students to determine a solution to a seating arrangement problem. Directions for learning to create an emoji using the Made with Code website are included as well. The final assessment is for students to create a flow map that explains the problem-solving process. A rubric is also included.


The Team-Working lesson plan details what in required for a team to be effective. Students will collaborate to beginning with a hook assignment where they will draw rebus pictures and evaluate their effectiveness working together. Information is provided for a mini content lecture and a more in depth instructions for how to complete the rebus picture activity a second time while applying what they have learned. A question prompt is included at the end for students to complete a self or team evaluation.