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Must Try Food & Drinks in Bahrain - A Gastronomic Adventure!

Whether you’re an avid food lover or not, Bahraini cuisine is a flavoursome concoction that will leave you craving for more, long after you’ve left this little island in the Middle East.



So, you are off to Bahrain on that much-anticipated trip of exotic allures. Remember that street food is one of the biggest draws there; the choices are endless, and you are treated to a great variety including Lebanese, Mexican and Brazilian in addition to local favourites. One such popular creation is the falafel; snacking on a falafel is a guilt-free option as it is one of the healthiest snacks in the Middle East. This snack is made by grinding fava beans and chickpeas into a patty which is deep fried and wrapped in pita bread with salad.



Shawarma is the second most popular local dish that is not only a favourite amongst the locals but also with those visiting the country. This quick meal consists of well-spiced meat; chicken, lamb, beef, mutton, or even turkey that’s cooked and grilled to perfection over a traditional vertical spit. The meat is shaved off into thin strips and served as a wrap with an assortment of other accompaniments like cucumber, tomato, fattoush and tabbouleh. The dish is topped with hummus, tahini, pickled carrots or gherkins, French fries and onions. The main sauces used in giving Shawarma that delightful Arabic taste varies from tahini sauce, tarator sauce and falafel hot sauce.



One of the tastiest and most popular dishes in Bahrain is known as Machboos. this is a flavoursome and delicious combination of smokey rice mixed with fish or chicken. With influences stemming from Saudi, Kabsa and India; biryani, Machboos is noted as being the national dish of Bahrain as it is packed with local ingredients and flavours all in one pot. With many dining establishments located around residential areas, resorts in Bahrain and other accommodation providers are not hard to find and most are situated in close proximity to food outlets. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the city, properties such as Reef Resort Bahrain are quite popular with visitors to this part of the world.


Sweets & Drinks

The traditional Bahraini sweet known as Halwa is made from corn starch, a variety of nuts, saffron, honey and other sweeteners. Other sweets which can be found here are Baklava, Ma’amoul, Umm Ali and Kunafa to name a few. Local coffee, known as Qahwah is a popular coffee served in Bahrain and is usually accompanied by a plate of dates. Other common drinks include Laban, a mix of milk and yoghurt – usually thick and salty. As Bahrain is a Muslim country, it should be noted that consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited and only some hotels are allowed to serve it.


Other cuisines

As Bahrain has a large number of expats from Sri Lanka, India and Philippines, restaurants serving ethnic cuisines can be found here. These cuisines are quite popular with locals as well, as the flavours are rather rich and mouth-watering!