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Headline for 21st Century Lessons for 5th Grade Students
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21st Century Lessons for 5th Grade Students

Emotional Intelligence: Let's Breathe Out

Students learn the concept of mindfulness and how to cultivate it within themselves.

Leadership: What Makes a Leader?

Students will identify characteristics of leadership by researching the lives of great American leaders.

Teamwork: Online Discussion

Students watch a series of videos about teamwork and discuss their takeaways in an online forum.

Global Citizenship: Exploring Our Cultural Customs

Students interview family members and research their cultural heritage and traditions. The purpose is to share their findings, knowledge, and experiences with classmates. Students are provided with a choice of formats to orally and visually present their information, including Show-and-Tell, PowerPoint, a poster, or an essay. Students discuss the importance of respecting diversity in the community while comparing and contrasting personal connections.

Problem Solving: What’s Wrong with the World? (And How Do We Fix It?)

Students work together to research an ecological issues and then specify solutions that they can take to address the issue. Teachers should be familiar with ecological issues, their causes and consequences. Curricular standards addressed include; research, writing a multi-paragraph essay, writing a persuasive essay, editing and revising, speaking and listening skills, and technology standards.

Students will be given a pretest survey on their attitudes toward work and entrepreneurship to help them to realize the characteristics needed for entrepreneurship. The teacher will initiate the lesson using the definition of entrepreneurship. Teacher will compare the items on the pretest survey to the definition listed above, and then help the students gauge their own interest in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Traits will assist the teacher in helping students focus on the nature of entrepreneurship. Drawing attention to the pretest survey items, students will gain understanding of the nature of those individuals in our economy that innovate and take risks so that products and services are offered in our economy. Students will select a name from Handout II: A List of Famous Entrepreneurs, which contains a list of well-known firms and their original owner. Then they will prepare a five-minute oral presentation on this entrepreneur.

Participants learn about different forms of communication. Participants practice different forms of communication.

Digital Citizenship: Responsibility & Respect

Students explore what it means to be responsible and respectful to their online communities as a step toward how to be good digital citizens.