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Bermy - Bermuda as we locals call it

I moved to Bermuda in 2004 and while I planned to stay only a year some almost 15 years later I am still here and never leaving!

I love the life here and my friends, sailing, the beaches and the locals.

Bermuda and its pink sandy beaches - Compelling Media

Bermuda is wonderful all year around, in the Spring temperatures are around 19C rising to 29C mid summer, the sands are a lovely pink colour due to coral being ground up by the waves and mixed in with the sand.

Bernews - Bermuda's #1 source for 24/7 breaking news, photos & videos

With an aim to expand the way they deliver their news to the community, the Bermuda Broadcasting Company is continuing to live stream their evening news programme online for viewers both on the island and abroad.The live video will begin at 7.00pm, and play to 7.30pm, and then the replay will be available:
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Bermuda – Follow Hobbies

Travelling to see all the many sites of interest in Bermuda is certainly one of the hobbies I would take up, there are many great places and attractions on this small island.  It has Front street with great shopping, Gibbs Light House, the Crystal Caves, St Georges which used to be the capical.  Hamilton the current capital, plus many other wonderful places.

Simple yet Useful Guide on the Bermudian Beaches – Mustard Travel

Bermuda is famous for many things, yet maybe none more so than our renowned pink sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters.

The Top Amusing Things You Can Do Near Royal Naval Dockyard - Holiday Sun Direct

Life is getting monotonous and you are getting bored. Sometimes you need adventure in life, plan for a vacation right now. Have you chosen the place? If you want to visit an off-beat place, try Bermuda in this coming vacation. This tourist destination will come to you with all its mystery, thrill and beauty. If you are visiting Bermuda in coming Christmas, you should visit Royal Naval Dockyard, where you can do lots of things to make your holiday unforgettable.

Bermudian Life – My Paradise – My Life – My World

I’ve spent a bit of time on a friends website lately helping him out, he also Tweets a lot and after a bit of arm twisting I am getting him to Tweet about Bermy Working …

Bermudian Company formation

We get a lot of interest from UK companies considering setting up a holding comapny in Bermuda, there are many benefits to this particularly if your long term plans are to more or retire offshore.

The Royal Gazette | Bermuda News, Business, Sports, Events, & Community

The Royal Gazette online delivers the latest Bermuda news, business, sports, Island life, jobs and newsletters. The leading daily source of News and information in Bermuda

Bermuda a great place for a business or leisure – Inspiralmedia

Bermuda is a place I have been to many times, It is however very expensive at the moment which is a bit of an obstacle, however my dream is to get back their and buy a place and settle back down.  I worked there for 3 years back in the 1990’s I loved the place, the relaxed feel to the place and the pink beaches always come back to me when I think back on those happy years.

Bankso great for a budget Ski Trip – Lets Ski More

I’m just came back from Bankso in Bulgaria, I’ve not been skiing for a couple of years and so it was great to get out there and be back on the slopes.  I also had my wife and two young kids with me, 8 and 10 years old.  All three of them have only been skiing twice before for the wife and only once before for the girls.  We went to Meribel in France back in 2015 and the girls started skiing their first time at the ski school there.

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The Mysteries of Collapsed Ships Under Bermuda’s Water - E Traveler Budget

Popularly regarded as the “Shipwreck capital of the Atlantic”, this isle of sunken treasures is estimated to have the most number of shipwrecks per square mile as compared to any other place in the world.

Why One Must Visit the National Museum If in Bermuda? | Hot Travel Info Here

Situated Sandys Parish at the western corner of Bermuda, this grand National Museum holds the treasure of the island’s history. The museum which earlier her been the Bermuda Maritime museum from 1974 to 2009, finally received is legitimacy add the National Museum of Bermuda in the year 2013.

Investing Time into The Underwater Ecosystem of Bermuda | Great Tasty Tour

If you are planning to visit to Bermuda then there’s no way no holding back from visiting and the grand Bermuda aquarium, museum and zoo. It’s a great opportunity to face the seals, corals and fishes in front of you in their habitat.

Tourist Attractions In Bermuda

Who has never heard of Bermuda? Everyone knows the myth of the Bermuda Triangle that discourages some travelers from exploring the archipelago on vacation. Well, if that's your case, you do not know what you're losing because it's heaven. Most people just do not think it's possible to go there.

A Trip to Bermuda – Morrison Diaz – Medium

Want to go on a vacation to Bermuda? Whether you’re off for a romantic holiday, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, Bermuda is the right place to have a simple and affordable experience…