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Great web 2.0 sites that seem to both high quality and Google Friendly

I like these sites and from time to time I publish my content on them, what I like about them is they appear to have high editorial standards and therefore their overall content is of great quality.

istory: Improving Your Credit Reports: 5 Effective Ways

A credit report is a depiction of how you have been using the credit in your company accounts and how well you have been handling the loans along with the overall finances

We are presented with decisions and choices multiple times on a daily basis with each one having a power to have huge implications on our lives and how it would turn out to be. Credit reports are a reflection of all such decisions that you made and...

mudassarali143's journal: Credit Reports – Busting Some Myths - myCBN

myCBN is a Christian social network that allows you to connect with other Christians, meet new friends, discuss any topics, share photos and other content, support your favorite causes and take part in what God is doing online. By joining, you'll be able to set up your own profile, invite friends, receive and send messages, sponsor causes and plug into the community!

A guide for Advisors of Equity … | kimkardashianle

You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. - Mudassar Ali - Addressing the Common Misconceptions Regarding Equity Release blog - Mudassar Ali - Addressing the Common Misconceptions Regarding Equity Release. Read this blog and other blogs by users.

istory: Equity Release and Risk Factors

Equity release is a financial offer whereby you can receive a lump sum amount against your home...

The two popular types of loans are the mortgages and home equity loans. The first mortgage that you take out to buy a house will be the original loan. You always have the option of taking out another mortgage for the purpose of covering a part of...

­De-busting 5 Common Equity Release Myths – Telegraph

Equity release, if described naturally, is getting the lifetime mortgage on your house. By doing so, you receive the lump sum cash amount equal to your house value. This insures a steady stream of income. It must be, however, keep in mind that the income provider must be later repaid that amount. Applied to people over the age of 55, equity release is now UK’s fastest growing financial service. All equity release providers are now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) thereby ensuring consumer protection. Additionally, there is an Equity Release Council (ERC) which provides equity release specialists and advisors.

The Best Uses of Equity Release - Mudassar Ali

Equity release is a self-financed facility through which you receive cash in exchange for the equity of your home. This cash can be used when you are near your retirement age, i.e., 55 years and above.Undoubtedly, it is a big and important decision to make since it involves a huge amount of cash against the equity of your home. This not only affects inheritance but is also a major life decision.  The uses of equity vary and completely depend on your choice. However, there are a few uses which appear to be more appealing towards retirement. These include:1.    Exploring the world:Today’s demanding work environment and tight deadlines do not leave room for holidaying or exploring the world. However, post-retirement is a good time to visit places and have some quality time. Equity release is the best way to source that pending holiday that you may have been dreaming of for years. 2.    Paying off debts:In this day and age, loans are usually inevitable; college fees, mortgage, car installments, etc. are a few to name. Hence, debt is an undeniable burden which can turn into a source of alarming stress when you retire. Equity release for this purpose is a popular choice and an instant fix. For example, in case of an outstanding mortgage, it automatically nullifies downsizing. 3.    Helping family:Be it college fees, wedding arrangements or improving quality of life – helping your family never goes out of the window. Equity release is definitely a choice in such a case where you can help your children or grandchildren in fulfilling their educational or lifestyle needs. 4.    Buying your dream car:Many people do not invest in luxury cars because of its affordability factor. However, equity cash is an excellent source to make your dream come true. That poster of your favorite car can turn into reality. It is never too late to fulfill your dreams and post-retirement, when there are no looming responsibilities, can be the perfect time to do so. 5.    Home improvements:Functional use of equity cash can be seen in home improvements. Post-retirement leaves you with a lot of time on your hands. Planning ahead for the use of this time can be helpful. Therefore, many people opt for home improvements like garden décor, repainting and remodeling the house, backyard installations, and improvements, etc.  Equity release is best to be opted for after advice and deliberation. Advisors help you see which option suits you best and can avoid from ending up in downsizing. The best part is that equity release guarantees payment within the amount equal to the value of your home. Therefore, equity release has no risk factor.Please bookmark our blog page to read more useful tips for equity release in future, thanks.

Pitfalls to Avoid with Equity Release by Mudassar Ali

Equity release is a great way for people who are above 55 but low on free cash to borrow some money against the equity they have in the property they own. There are so many plans that not only deal wi...

Things to Look for in the Best Firm for Equity Release | Guest Post UK-USA in Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

When you are approaching retirement, you definitely start considering some great ways to supplement your pension, and for that matter, you might have plenty ...

The Importance of a Good Credit Score · Maptia

Many business customers and suppliers look at your rating (credit score) before they do business with you!

Check Creditworthiness and be One Step Ahead of Defaulters - Mudassar Ali

Check creditworthiness and point out defaulters! Why is it important to request a credit report and check the solvency of a debtor? In this question, I always think of the joke of the unknown cowboy who orders a glass of beer in a saloon. 'Pour me a beer before it starts,' he says to the bartender. He does what the stranger instructs him. Once or 6 times the man repeats his request until the bartender says: "Is not it time to pay?" The stranger sighs and says: "You see, that's what the lure is already starting. I have no money to finish. "I do not know exactly how the story ends. The chances are that the defaulter with pitch and feathers has to leave the town.With pitch and feathersNowadays, defaulters - such as the unknown cowboy - have to answer for the judge in the end. During an amicable collection process, they do not comply with the telephone or written summons to pay. The bailiff delivers a summons to the debtor in the legal collection process: the invitation to the court. He then decides whether the claim is justified or unjustified. If the debtor is wrong, he must still pay the outstanding invoice, including the collection costs, the costs of the bailiff and the court fees. In the Wild West, the cowboy received corporal punishment as a fine: partly undressed he was smeared with pitch and feathers and then exhibited on the market square or chased out of town.Prevent liquidity problemsFailure to pay is an important reason why companies are in financial trouble. Unpaid invoices have a significant impact. After all, outstanding claims weigh on liquidity. Obviously, you want to avoid defaulters. That is why it is wise to be one step ahead of the notorious defaulter. Do not give them the chance to be bothered. Request a credit report for large transactions or new customers. This gives you insight into the financial trade and walking with customers or suppliers. Based on this current information you can determine whether you are working with a customer or that the risk is too high.Insight into creditworthiness and payment behaviorCredit information is indispensable if you want to build relationships with financially healthy customers or suppliers. Insight into creditworthiness and payment behavior reduces the chance of uncollectible receivables and gives you a boost to your sales. To limit financial risks, you can request an online credit report at Reporting Accounts. You will receive the following information:

The Importance of Credit Checking and Credit Reports by Mudassar Ali

What is a credit report?A credit report is a comprehensive report that provides insight into the creditworthiness of a company based on various sources and analyzes. On the basis of this information, ...

What Makes a Good Credit Report Indispensable? | Guest Post UK-USA in Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

In recent months I have visited some companies that do not use credit information in their customer acceptance process, or in managing their existing custome...

mudassarali143's journal: 6 Interesting Facts about Equity Release - myCBN

myCBN is a Christian social network that allows you to connect with other Christians, meet new friends, discuss any topics, share photos and other content, support your favorite causes and take part in what God is doing online. By joining, you'll be able to set up your own profile, invite friends, receive and send messages, sponsor causes and plug into the community!

iBlogs - External Factors that Influence the Outcome of a Credit Report

One credit score is all it takes to tarnish your reputation in the industry and have the lenders doubt the credibility of your company. Wouldn’t you ...