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Know about Home Building

All your queries pertaining to Home Building. Here you can get all the details about Building Construction, Building Materials and so on.

Details about tmt bar by Shyam Steel Industries Ltd - Issuu

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Buy TMT Bar Online | Shyam Steel

Buy the best quality Earthquake proof, Corrosion resistant TMT bar online. Fe 500D TMT with THERMEX Technology, Germany. Special Price on online purchase.

Different types of Doors for Home Building by Shyam Steel Industries Ltd - Issuu

Different type of material being used in home building for Doors and Windows. In this article you can know all about the door you can choose for while building your dream home.

Shyam Steel flexiSTRONG TMT Rebar for your Dream Home | Virat Kohli on Vimeo

Individuals dream can be different but we all have one in common and that is building our Dream Home. When it comes to building our dream home only go for the best quality of material. Shyam Steel flexiSTRONG TMT Rebar is the best choice to go for because it protects your home from Earthquake Proof and Corrosion Resistant.

How to make your Home Earthquake Safe

It is essential to have the awareness while planning to build your home. Before you start the construction you should have the proper information to make your …

Important Facts to make an Earthquake Proof Building - Shyam Steel Industries Limited

India comes under High Seismic Zone as per the National Centre of Seismology (NCS). Indian plate is driving to Asia about a rate of 45 mm/year and rotating slowly anticlockwise. As a result, about 56% of India’s land area is prone to medium to severe earthquakes.

Build your home with Shyam Steel TMT Rebars | Virat Kohli | Anushka Sharma | Shyam Steel

Records are created, broken, recreated and so on, but your dream home is something you build once in a lifetime. Build homes that last forever just like Virat and Anushka did, with Shyam Steel flexiSTRONG TMT Rebars.

What is Corrosion in Reinforced Bars?

Corrosion in Steel is irreversible. It is gradual destruction of the material for chemical/electrochemical reaction to various environmental factors such as mo…

6 Important Construction Material for Home Building

TMT Bar, Cement, Bricks, Sand etc are important construction materials. It is important to choose the best quality TMT Bar because it protect all structures during an Earthquake, flood etc.

Strength and Ductility of TMT Bars

TMT Bar should have the perfect combination of Strength and Flexibility. Otherwise it is not recommended for all type of construction purposes. Strength of TMT…

Construction Material Estimation for your House

How much TMT Bar required to build a house? It depends upon the seismic zone. Different contractors can give you different estimation therefore, here is an estimation of building materials that are required to build a house based on the seismic zone.
Best grade TMT Bars vis a vis other construction materials are recommended for all type of construction but the estimation can be if you know in which seismic zone your construction area belongs to.

How much TMT Bars are required in RCC for Foundation, Beam, Slabs etc.?

TMT Steel bars required for RCC Foundation, Beam, Slabs, Columns etc. The standard ratio for steel to concrete is 100:130. It varies depending upon the construction type.

Why Flexibility in TMT Bar is important with Strength?

Steel Bars/ TMT Bars have extreme ductility, weldability. Due to having this flexibility it protects the buildings during the Earthquake. TMT bars are used for all type of construction purposes.

What is HYSD Steel Bars?

“HYSD” stands for High Yielding Strength Deformed Bars. There are different kind of steel bars that comes under HYSD bars. HYSD Bars are manufactured under heat treatment. During HYSD Bar…

It is important to take the necessary steps to protect your home from Earthquake. If you know how to protect and take the measurable steps on time you can reduce the effect of an earthquake.

Here are 7 Important Facts that you cannot ignore and really can help you to protect your Dream Home During an Earthquake.

Modern Technologies in Construction and Sustainable Materials

Sustainable construction materials are grabbing the market rapidly over conventional construction materials. With modern technology and advancement in construction industry sustainable materials are not only energy efficient but also reduces the cost of construction rapidly.

TMT Bar Required in RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete)

TMT Bar is the most essential material in RCC. It provides strength to the structure. It is important to know the right quantity that is required for construct…

Why Soil Testing is important before Construction?

Is it important to run complete soil testing before starting any construction.

Soil Testing helps to identify the flaws in soil thus course correction can be done that reduces the future threats from soil. Various materials such as Sand, Course Aggregate and TMT Bar are determined after performing the tests.

5 Important tips to make your House Structurally Safe

If you follow these simple yet important step that can make your house structurally safe. Before you start constructing these steps will help you to build your house strong and everlasting.

What is Thermo mechanical Treatment in Steel?

Thermo-mechanical treatment is the simultaneous application to steel that involves heating and cooling. It is to develop better properties in steel by refining its micro structure. Thermo mechanically Treated Bars (TMT Bars) used for all type of construction.

Different types of Concrete Mix Ratio

There are different mix ratios of Concrete. Mix ratios are decided based upon the type of construction structures and mix designs. Different Grades of Concrete denotes its strength for required…

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Summer - Season that everyone wants to avoid. If you take some action during the construction you can reduce the effect of it.
Also, here we discussed some of the method that can give you relief too during summer.

In mid of 19th century Bessemer process invented in England. Bessemer process is the first industrial process for producing mass quantity of steel by using molten pig iron. Mild steel were used for small construction purposes.
Best quality TMT Bars that are manufactured at Integrated Steel Plant are used for all type of construction purpose for increased demand in construction industry.

Why Ribs are Important in TMT Steel Bars

Ribs provide better anchorage between concrete and steel. Ribbed increases the strength of the structure across entire length of the TMT Bar. It is also helps to reduce the construction cost with better grip.

Different Type of Steel Reinforcement Bars

Different type of Steel Bars are available that can be used for construction. It is important to know which one you should select and why.