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Contract Lawyers Sydney

This list is about the latest news of contract law and podcast. Get updated itself with contracts laws.

Best Business Contract Lawyer Sydney

Do you want to know about contrcat law. Read in detail What is contract law and why you need best commercial contract lawyer.

The Differences Between A Share Sale, Business Sale and Asset Sale

In this Quick Tips session, we quickly investigate the differences between share sales, asset sales, and business sales. It is certainly one of those areas that can create issues when sellers, buyers and perhaps their advisors miss to critically think about this concept before structuring the deal.

Simple steps to getting legally prepared before a sale - Aspect Legal

This quick tips episode is all about giving you simple steps to get your business sale-ready from a legal perspective.

Spotlight on Sales with Denise Hall, Business Broker - Aspect Legal

It’s super important that business owners know how much their business is worth at any given time. This is the life mission of business value analyst, exit strategist and broker Denise Hall from

Business Legal Health Check Sydney | Legal Review Process

Contact us for business legal health check services at Aspect Legal. Buy our health check services only at $300 + GST. Learn more about health check covers 10 key areas here.

Franchising 101 - Buying, Selling and Everything in Between - Aspect Legal

Today we hone in on the franchise business model. To help us do that, we brought back Martin Lo Surdo of Amplify Business to walk us through the sorts of questions that both potential franchisors and franchisees might be thinking about.

8 Traps that are slowing down your business sale (A Legal Perspective)

If you’re keen to get deals across the line quickly, here are 8 legal traps in buying or selling a business that you need to be aware of now!

Four Top Tips in Creating an Effective Contract (Part 1)

This episode is part one of an exciting two-part series where we go through our four top tips in creating contracts that are as effective as they could be in backing up the relationship that we are trying to create.

Who owns IP relating to your contracts and your organization - Aspect Legal

I regularly receive questions about who is the actual owner of intellectual property in items created by employees, contractors, and suppliers – and often the answer isn't quite what people expect! So in this episode I provide an overview of intellectual property ownership, I explain underlying issues and some of the hidden traps to be aware of, and I highlight tips about how businesses can protect themselves.

Brand and communication strategies for mergers and acquisitions

Sophie Bartho of Brandswell joins us on this episode as we take a good look at the valuable role of brand and communication in making a merger or acquisition.

Avoiding Client Disputes and Enhancing Client Relationships (Part 1)

Today we’ll talk about a neat little app called Bonjoro - and how tools such as this one can effectively help enhance our relationships with clients and thereby avoid potential client disputes into the future. This episode is the first half of a 2-part series with no less than the Papa Bear of the Bonjoro Team, Matt Barnett.

Point Plan to Enhance Client Relationships and Grow Your Business (Part 2)

Welcome to the second half of our 2-part series with Matt Barnett of Bonjoro. In today’s episode, we get more specific and go through a 7-point plan to enhance client relationships. This is based off a whitepaper that Matt and his team at Bonjoro put together to help business owners grow their businesses.

What to Look for When Choosing Advisors for Your Business Sale

To continue our interview with Neil, today we drill into his encounters with accountants and brokers in the M&A space. We have great tips on what business owners ought to look for when choosing advisors to assist you in your business sale. And of course, on the flip side, Neil also gives some excellent advice for our accountants and brokers who want to get ahead and provide more value to their clients.

Tying Up Legal Loose Ends for a Fresh Start

The new year is a perfect time to tackle the legal loose ends in a business in order to start the year with a clean slate and a fresh start! In this episode.

Spam and Scams with Trademarks and Domain Names

A recent report from the ACCC quoted $340 Million worth of combined financial losses for individuals and businesses in 2017 due to scams. Today, we’re hoping to help put you on notice about the sorts of things that you might be receiving that you should be extraordinarily wary of.

How to Get The Best ROI on Your Management Spend

Today we talk to Natasha Hawker, the Director of the recruitment and HR advisory company - Employee Matters and together we drill into how you can potentially minimize employee disputes within your organization by investing in training and development for your managers.

6 Things you can do to speed up your business sale (A Legal Perspective)

Here are 6 things you can do to help speed up your business sale transaction.

How to Stop Competitors from Using and Abusing Your Trademarks

Trademark infringement is where a competitor in the marketplace is using or misusing your trademarks in the marketplace in relation to the same sorts of goods and services that you provide.

How Emotions Can Impact The Business Sale Process

We reach out to Peter Diaz, who is a workplace psychology and mental health expert, and together we explore the wide range of emotions associated with selling a business and offer some helpful tips in successfully navigating this emotional journey.

The Leasing Timeline and Considerations in Business Sales

Issues relating to property lease is a common reason for delays in mergers and acquisitions transaction. In this episode, we hope to help parties in a business sale avoid these leasing issues and ultimately save more time, money and energy in the process.

Lessons from a serial startup entrepreneur on starting, building and selling businesses (Part 1)

Today we are joined by serial startup entrepreneur Paolo Lencioni - the director, senior accountant, and software project manager at APL Accountants. Together Paolo and I talk about the lessons he has picked up from his experience in starting, building and selling multiple businesses.

Tying Up Legal Loose Ends for a Fresh Start

The new year is a perfect time to tackle the legal loose ends in a business in order to start the year with a clean slate and a fresh start! In this episode

The Deal Room Podcast Ep018: What impact will Brexit, Trump, and the Asian Markets have on the Australian M&A Market.

Rod Hore of HHMC takes us around the world for an analysis of how our domestic markets might likely be affected by the geopolitical events in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

5 Steps to Preparing a Business for Sale

In this episode we are talking to business exit expert Stuart Goodfellow of Small Business Big Exit to walk us through his simple 5-step process to preparing a business for sale, and getting more money out of it.

Legal Due Diligence in Smaller (or Lower Risk) Transactions

In this episode, we run you through the sorts of things we would be looking at during legal due diligence in an acquisition of a business, particularly in the context of a lower risk or smaller value transaction.

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