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Updated by photonic Innovations on Jul 29, 2018
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Shop For The Gas Leak Detection in New Zealand

photonic Innovations recognized as one of the top 3 New Zealand Innovators since 2016. PIL has designed a patent-protected approach to solving the toxic and hazardous gas leak problems which are facing many industries.
Our products use proprietary state of the art laser-based gas leak detection technology.
We enable better risk management and mitigation through IoT connectivity.

Buy Portable Gas Leak Detection in New Zealand

Photonic Innovations are top suppliers of gas leak detection equipment in New Zealand. Professional gas leak detector manufacturer, fast response, short warmup time. We offer ultra reliable, laser-based gas leak detection sensors for industrial health. Make your environment safer place with our gas detectors. Visit Photonic Innovations Ltd. for more information.

Buy Portable Methane Gas Detector in Dunedin

Photonic Innovations manufactured gas detection systems to protect dangerous working surroundings. The major objective of buying portable methane gas detector is to make the working environment secure for all workers. This is specially designed for Mines, Power plants and O&G sites. Visit Photonic Innovations to know more about our inventions.

Get The Best Ammonia Detectors in Dunedin

Ammonia is a widely used in domestic gas alarm, industrial gas leakage alarm, portable NH3 gas detector. It is a colorless gas with a pungent smell and irritates with exposure. Photonic innovations have gas leak detectors and it comes in various shapes and sizes but all are robust, reliable and use advanced sensor technology. Our specially designed products prevent these harmful gas and make the environment more clear and healthy.
Visit our website and buy ammonia detectors for your workplace safety.

Find The Ammonia Detection System in New Zealand

Ammonia is one of the most noxious and dangerous gases that’s why photonic innovations invented ammonia detection system to make the hazardous gas workplace safe. An ammonia sensor & Leak detection system is such a vital piece of equipment in industrial and manufacturing centers. Browse our website to know more about our commodities.

Find The Laser-Based Gas Leak Detection in Dunedin

A gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system. That is why photonic innovations invented laser-based gas leak detection device to prevent the environment from hazardous gases. These products are not susceptible to fatigue, depletion or poisoning so do not have to be replaced periodically. Additionally, because the technology is very specific to a particular gas it does not give false alarms due to cross-reaction with similar gases. If you have queries about any products just direct shoot us an email at

Buy Cheap Ammonia Detector from Photonic Innovations

Photonic innovations are the manufacturer of Ammonia gas detectors. Ammonia was amongst the world’s first chemical refrigerants. Due to its low cost, efficient cooling qualities and environmentally friendly credentials it remains one of the most popular. Ammonia, however, is also harmful, even at low levels of exposure. That is why we invented this cheap ammonia detector to make our environment safe.

Visit us or call us to get your detectors and know more about this device.

Find Ammonia Gas Detectors in New Zealand

Ammonia gas detector is a fixed and specifically designed for continuous industrial monitoring applications. no false alarms sensor technology. At room temperature, ammonia is a colorless, highly irritating gas with a pungent, suffocating odor. Our detectors help you detect harmful gases to protect lives.
For a more specialized recommendation please call us on +64 3 479 9973