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The 10 Hilarious Graphic Tees That Sum Up Your Existence...

WLKR Threads is a small clothing brand from Eagle River, Alaska, that started on Etsy in 2014, and has since gained some traction with features on BuzzFeed, Bored Panda & More, with their hilarious graphic tees. What's your favorite?

Bring Me My Coffee, Or Bring Me My Coffin

If this wasn't your life motto before, it is now. A slogan we can all get behind! This shirt SCREAMS Monday Morning.

Melancholy Vibes Sometimes

Okay, let's be honest. Good Vibes Only sounds great in theory, but you're lying through your teeth. When the barista screws up your triple shot vegan soy chai mocha latte espresso creme coffee beverage, are you feeling those "good vibes"? When you drop a pen on the ground, bend over to grab it and feel a sudden breeze from betwixt your cheeks as your pants rip open, where are those good vibes? Nowhere to be found. Hello, Melancholy.

I'm Just Here To Pet Your Dog

Honesty is the best policy, after all.. right? Let's face it, dogs are, and always will be more fun than humans.

In A World Filled With Kale, Be A Pizza.

Life is all about balance! In a world filled with kale, kombucha, and other weird trends, be a PIZZA. Everyone loves pizza, and if you meet someone that says they don't? Well.. that's not the kind of negativity you need in your life.

Desert Tortoise Running Club

It's a toss up on which animal I truly relate to the most, tortoise or sloth? Why not both. The world's first.. Tortoisloth. Eh, we'll workshop that title.

Don't Be An A-Hole

I would wholeheartedly hand these out to about 99% of the human population, as it stands now. This needs to be everyone's life motto.

Beach Body

Let's face it, we all made the same deal at the beginning of the year: "This is the year I get my beach body back!" Well, surprise, it's summer, and we're no closer to that goal. Good news, the Walrus (read: the ORIGINAL beach body) has got your back. Flaunt it if you got it.

Live Slow Die Whenever

As I live and breathe, I've found a sloth! Live Fast..Die Young? Uh, no. Don't be a dingus. If you Die Young how the hell are you ever supposed to truly appreciate the crazy low prices of the Senior Discount? Or the thrill of coming in clutch at a high stakes bingo match? That's right, you wont.

Professional Pooch Petter (Black) – WLKR Threads & Design

Nothing suspicious here. Just your run of the mill, average, every day pooch petter looking to get his pet on. Free Demo? Don't worry fam, I gotcha.

Gopher A Beer | Funny Men's T Shirt | Free Shipping Over $35 – WLKR Threads & Design

After finishing this list, you deserve a beer. Amirite?

WLKR Threads | Funny T Shirts | Free Shipping Over $75

Swing By WLKR Threads to Browse Their Whole Collection of Hilarious Graphic Tees. 90% Of Americans Have a Favorite T-Shirt. Find Yours w/ Our Unique 'Shop Your Personality' System. With Designs Ranging From Hilariously Witty, to Adventurers At Heart. Whoever You Are, Whatever Your Style; We've Got You Covered.