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Headline for Authentic Hong Kong Street Food – Be an expert in the local food
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Authentic Hong Kong Street Food – Be an expert in the local food

Hong Kong is known for its many attractions and diverse range of people, from the most religious and reserved to the ultra modern and fashion conscious. The food here is no different; there are many street food places that cover almost all kinds of native foods in Hong Kong.


Graham Street

Located in the middle of the Central, the Graham Street has a cluster of street food stalls that are a must visit anyone who likes to experience native and authentic food when they travel.

The food is clean, and a few stall owners might even speak English, therefore, discussing the dishes before you place the order is made easier. Even the biggest Tsim Sha Tsui restaurants with buffets cannot beat the vibe of eating out in a street food stall.


Fa Yuen Street

This street can be found in Mongkok, and though the place might look a little shady to be comfortable with, brave through the place and you'd be rewarded with the yummiest food in Hong Kong. If you are put up at a stay like the Park Hotel Hong Kong, this street is about 15 minutes away if you travel in a cab. The recommended things to try here are the chocolate waffles and the chocolate chip stuffing.


Li Kung Street

Among all the streets on this list, if you want a complete food experience in one place, Li Kung Street is where you must head off to. During lunch, the local cloth sales representatives and the workers from the markets nearby stopover here for a meal. The place can be quite crowded then, but a crowded street in Hong Kong is what the native street food experience is all about. These stalls are open from 7.30am until 9 pm every day.


The Temple Street

If you are planning on visiting this market, the best time to go is at night. You can find some of the best seafood and beers here. The streets are spacious and the seats outside each stall make a good place to people watch and observe the culture of Hong Kong while you have your dinner. Finding people who speak English can be tough in this market, but since food is a universal language in itself, you will be fine. This market opens at 7 pm daily and closes at 11 pm.


Haiphong Street

The street food stalls here are small in comparison to the other famed streets in Hong Kong, but they have a unique mixture of seafood dishes and Cantonese food. Like all other streets on the list, the meal times can be packed with workers and people of the locality. You might be able to brave the dinner rush, but the lunch crowd can be massive, so it is best to avoid visiting the Haiphong Street then. This cluster of street food stalls opens at 12 pm every day and shuts at 9 pm, thus, if you plan on having a leisurely dinner here, get to the street at least by 7.30pm to have an unhurried meal.

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