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Ten big data posts not to miss

Big Data - News, Views and Reviews: Top three reasons why big data and cloud are a perfect couple

As more companies get serious about data (big or long) they need to decide the basic question - host data with use of captive data centers or go with a cloud vendor. I present top three reasons why this is an easy question to answer. 1.

Top 5 Myths About Big Data

It appears that Big Data is still a very big mystery to many, including some in the field. Here are the top five Big Data myths.

Big data: Reality or hype - Business Analytics

Have we reached a point in the “big data” hype cycle where the term is overused and undefined? Is there legitimate opportunity with today’s new data sources? Are your analysts and technology platforms equipped to make the most of the opportunity?

What Could You Accomplish With 1,000 Computers? - Dana Rousmaniere - Harvard Business Review

A Q&A with Big Data entrepreneurs Frederic Lalonde and Chris Lynch.

Big data: Why it's really an architecture challenge | ZDNet

For big data to amount to a serious asset that business and operations can exploit, datacentres will have to take a long, hard look at infrastructure and architecture.

What is big data without big analytics? - Business Analytics

The most exciting thing in the industry right now isn’t “big data,” claims SAS’ Keith Collins—it’s “big analytics.” In this article, Collins explains the necessity of high-performance analytics for companies looking to make the most of their data.

Where are we today with big data analytics? - SAS Voices

Bill Hakes, CEO and Co-founder of Link Analytics, is on a mission to get people excited about big data and big data analytics.

6 Lies About Big Data - Software - Information management -

Our 2013 Big Data Survey shows we're not lacking facts, figures, or tools to wrangle them. So why do just 9% of respondents rate themselves as extremely effective users of data?

What kind of big data problem do you have? - The Corner Office

Does it seem like almost everything is a “big data” problem right now?

Big Data vendors and technologies

Big Data vendors and technologies

Do You Really Need Big Data? | Fast Company

"Big Data" may have become the catchword darling of the year, but it's all too often a case of blind love.Collecting and parsing vast amounts of consumer information from disparate channels, Big Data organizations present major profit possibilities. But for many companies, the term remains a bauble, as vague as it is sexy.Why is Big Data so difficult to harness? Because companies are not using the basic data they already have in a way that engages consumers.