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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Why Beach vacations are good for you – Who knew staying healthy, could be so much fun?
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Why Beach vacations are good for you – Who knew staying healthy, could be so much fun?

While most people associate beach vacations with taking a break from the rat race called life and enjoying the simple delights here's why they can be good for your health.


It's a great way to get vitamin D

Although milk is a good source for vitamin D sun exposure provides 80 to 90 percent of your daily dose of vitamin D. As per studies which were done by the Harvard Medical School, the most significant and natural input of vitamin D relies on the amount of UVB light that gets through to you. UVB light turns into vitamin D after it reacts with a cholesterol-related compound which in turn creates healthy skin, essential for bone health and even leads improved mental health.

Since sun damage can also lead to skin cancer 10-15 minutes of direct unprotected exposure is recommended. After which using sunblock with 30 SPF or a similar pre-emptive measure is recommended for long-term skin health.


Sand helps remove dead cells from the surface of the skin

Each foot has around 3000 - 7000 nerve endings which are awakened when you walk across the small grain of sands, this is what makes walking on the beach feel so good. Wet sand is a natural exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells from your feet and the rest of the body and letting the new skin cells to be regenerate softer. Walking the closer to the water where the sand is looser lets you enjoy the sand's exfoliant properties to the fullest. Hotels in Pasikuda, Sri Lanka which offer an amazing view of the Indian ocean and golden beaches such as Amaya Beach are definitely worth considering when planning your next vacation!


Sunlight has shown to reduce depressio

The amount of sunlight that participants got in a study conducted by the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia showed a direct correlation to their mood. The research team observed that exposure to sunlight increased the levels of serotonin of its participants which in turn had an effect on their sleeping patterns, stress and appetite. Lack of beach outings won't lead to depression but the more sunlight you get the less likely it is that you get will depression.


The beach makes you want to exercise.

It's highly unlikely you'll sit on the beach and do nothing. Whether it's going swimming, a leisurely jog, playing football or even a casual stroll to find a nice spot to relax the beach will ensure that you burn those extra calories while offering an amazing view.


Taking a break from the world and unwind

Taking a break from the tablets, smartphones and laptops is good for body, mind and soul according to a study conducted by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Staying connected or plugged in all the time has led to the loss of sleep, higher stress levels and could lead to depression. Putting aside the gadgets and letting your mind relax once in a while will help you find your centre and revitalize your strength. Plus, sand gets everywhere, do you really want to ruin your gadgets?

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