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Reasons to visit Sri Lanka – There's something here for everyone to see

Whether you love the beach, wildlife, adventure, history or shopping and enjoying a luxurious vacation Sri Lank has got it all covered. Here's why you should visit Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka is called the pearl of the Indian ocean partly because although being smaller than most of its neighbours geographically it offers the diversity that extends to every aspect. From the diverse experience offered by its coastal beaches to its central area which is scattered with mountains, rainforests, tea plantations and waterfalls; Sri Lanka has something to offer no matter what you're looking for in a vacation.


Cultural heritage

UNESCO understand the cultural significance that Sri Lanka offers and has declared The sacred city of Anuradhapura, the Dambulla golden temple, Polonnaruwa, The old town of Galle and the sacred city of Kandy as World Heritage Sites.

The enormous dome-shaped structures(dagobas) and remains of old buildings in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, Dambulla's stairway to the temple at the top and the rock palace of Sigiriya, which are 3 World Heritage sites located close to each other are known as the Cultural Triangle; 3 of the must-see attractions for anyone visiting the country.

Kandy, Sri Lanka's former royal capital in the hills is home to the Sacred Temple of the Tooth or better known as Dalada Maligawa by the local, safeguards the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha.

The Dutch fort at Galle which predates the mid-17th century is one of the best-preserved Forts in Asia. Consisting of streets laid out in a grid system, some of the original Dutch Bungalows and retaining the structure of the fortress the fort is full of life in present-day just like it was when it was first built and Galle was used as the country's main port.



From coastal hotels with gorgeous beaches to lush nature filled scenic hotels in the hill country luxury hotels in Sri Lanka are usually placed in beautiful locations that capture the beauty of its surroundings while offering the hospitality the country is well known for. While the island is home to its share of modern five-star hotel chains similar to Amaya Resorts & Spas you can also find old-fashioned hotels with the beauty and romance reminiscent of the countries colonial era.



Preserving the environment has always been deeply ingrained in Sri Lankan society. The first wildlife sanctuary was started in the 3rd BC by the country's first Buddhist royalty and the tradition has carried to modern day where 13% of Sri Lanka is conserved as reserves, sanctuaries, jungle corridors and national parks. Conservation International has identified Sri Lanka as one of 34 hotspots in the world for biodiversity and The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, one of Sri Lanka's rainforests has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

91 mammals (out of which 16 are endemic) such as leopards, elephants, sambhur, wild boar, porcupines, civet cats, monkeys and sloth bears can be witnessed safari by visiting one of 14 national parks in Sri Lanka.



Just like everything else shopping in Sri Lanka has it diversity and can take many forms: visiting a kadé, a traditional Sri Lankan village store and selecting fruits, negotiating prices with handicraft sellers on the beach or visiting luxurious shopping centres in Colombo and selecting the brand new international fashions for bargained prices are some of most popular shopping experiences the country offers.

Handicrafts designed with artwork embodying the culture of the country, boutique clothing, brassware, silverware and ritual masks which make great memorabilia and gifts are popular amongst tourists.

Sri Lanka is also known to offer a wide variety of precious stones and gems such as moonstones, blue sapphires, rubies, cat's eyes, topazes and aquamarines. Naturally, the country also has a traditional artform for jewellery-making which can add some pizazz to your gems.