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Best Ethical Sanctuaries In Thailand – Animal-Friendly Places To Spend Your Day In.

Due to the growing, greedy hands of tourism, Thailand is heavily cluttered with sanctuaries and orphanages. But did you know which ones are ethical and which of them are fake?


Elephant Nature Park

The Elephant Nature Park is one of the few actual sanctuaries for elephants. It's a rescue and rehabilitation centre located in Chiang Mai. Visitors can volunteer to feed, bathe and interact with the elephants. It is important to keep in mind that a majority of these animals were rescued from harsh living conditions, either they were in the tourism industry forced to perform or take tourists on rides, or they were bought from greedy owners who used them to beg on the streets. The park aims at providing them with a loving and caring home. The best way to judge how legit an elephant park is by checking whether they offer elephant rides or other activities that involve you paying money for the elephant to perform something. The park is also home to numerous cats, dogs and water buffalos!


Rescue Paws

One of the few dog shelter and rescue organizations in Thailand. This non-profit organization aims at rescuing and improving the lives of many street dogs by giving them medical attention, rehoming them, sterilizing them and vaccines. If you're looking to spend the day surrounded by happy, wagging tails, head over to Rescue Paws and offer some TLC to these animals.


Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

If you're heading to Phuket, visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project that was established in 1992 to rescue and release them back to the wild after rehabilitating them. These wild animals are at a constant threat from deforestation and poaching and a number of them get injured or lose their way, especially smaller gibbons. The observatory deck which is open from 9 am to 3 pm is where you can watch these animals assimilate and get ready to be released back to the forest, while you learn all about them! If you're looking for accommodation in Phuket, luxury villas in Thailand should be booked in advance, especially at properties such as Kata Rocks.


Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

The Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand provides a safe home to animals that have been neglected, abused and ill-treated and are unable to be released back into the wild because of these reasons. As part of their awareness program, they also educate and ensure people are aware of the illegal wildlife trade, hunting, abusing and torturing animals in any way for tourism. The centre aims at educating people about animal exploitation in elephant camps where the animals are forced to perform or partake in cruel rides. Spend a day at this park to get up close with these gentle giants.


The Bodhi Dog and Rescue Shelter

A shelter located on the island of Phuket rescues stray dogs and cats. Volunteers are encouraged to visit and help out in any way possible, whether it's at the clinic or simply offering some love and kisses to the furry residents. The shelter is located on the premises of the Pahlok Buddhist Temple.