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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Street Foods to Try Out in Sri Lanka - Scrumptious Treats to Enjoy in the Paradise Island

A vacation spent in Sri Lanka will surely lend you colourful memories of beautiful charm that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. This little island that is rich in heritage and culture offers all who visit it truly delicious delicacies to enjoy as well! Read on and find out about the top 5 street food options that you must definitely try out when travelling in Sri Lanka.



Kottu is the quintessential street food in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Locals and tourists alike love the stunning combination of tastes of this unique dish. It's amazing how great such a simple and humble dish that costs so very little can taste!
In quite a number of local restaurants across the island, you will be able to find kottu served. This is a favourite dinner time option among the locals. If you hear a deafening, rhythmic clash of metals when you pass by a local restaurant in the evening or at night, you should take it as a signal that kottu is being prepared by an expert there!
Kottu which is also known as kottu roti is made using shredded godhamba roti along with eggs, vegetables, meat/ fish and spices. You will often find certain restaurants serving kottu with cheese as well which is a definite must try! You can choose the type of meat that is added to your dish from options like chicken, mutton or beef. Generous lashings of gravy are served along with kottu to enhance its taste significantly.



When you travel in Sri Lanka, you really must treat yourself to the delicious, crispy goodness of hoppers! Locals opt to have hoppers generally for breakfast and dinner along with lunu miris (dried red chilli sambol) and fish or chicken gravy. It's also quite easy to find in many local restaurants across the island. You can even find egg hoppers and treacle hoppers known locally as pani appa sold at surprisingly low prices at eateries in the country. When you are travelling in down south you can visit a leading Mirissa restaurant to enjoy a refined version of this wonderful meal to your heart's content. Many hotels in the region such as Mandara resort Mirissa also serve guests this scrumptious delicacy.


Isso wade

When you visit the coastal towns of the island you will inevitably come across street vendors selling isso wade. These scrumptious little fried prawn cakes will give your taste buds a glorious treat! Crispy, fiery isso wade that combine the tastes of gram flour, chilli, spices and of course prawns, are brightly coloured in hues of red and orange. You simply must not resist the urge to treat yourself to this exquisite delicacy when you are rambling along the beach as it will perfectly season your idyllic experience in the salty breeze of the shores.



Little triangles that envelop the rich flavours of meat, vegetables and spices are quite commonly found in Sri Lanka. These delightful little treats, which are called samosas are ideal snacks to be enjoyed between meals. They are crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and so every bite gives you perfect delight.



The experience of eating saravita is truly magical. Brightly coloured shredded coconut are carefully wrapped in little betel leaves and you can try cramming the entire concoction into your mouth to enjoy the strange but addictive taste that the combination of creamy coconut flavour and sharp tang of betel create. Saravita hawkers are quite common along coastal towns and cities. Strange nostalgia will fill your heart the moment you spot these simple vendors as they carry neat rows of this vibrant street dessert in trays hanging from their necks, just like in olden times.