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List of souvenirs take home from Yangon – Objects can have memories attached too

Yangon used to be a British colony a long time ago, the city has certainly grown since that era, but the marks of the British can still be seen around the city even now. When one goes to Yangon, there are many things in the form of souvenirs to take back home.


Sand paintings

Yangon has many professional sand painters and as a tourist, you can find joy in purchasing one of these paintings to take back home. You will also be content knowing that you provided some income for the natives while you get to take a piece of the creativity back home. The sand paintings cover many genres, including the local culture, the scenic beach views, the temples, the people of Yangon, and Buddha.


Gemstone Painting

If you are staying at Sedona Hotels Yangon or at another similar hotel in Yangon, ask the staff to point you to the nearest authentic gemstone art gallery. Don't walk into any random shop as you might get tricked into buying plain old glass piece paintings. The process of making these paintings are intricate and take a lot of time, thus, it will be quite an expensive souvenir to take back home. The bigger shopping malls in Yangon will have good dealers who sell art pieces such as this.



For the true Yangon vibe back home, get yourself one of the many beautiful tapestries found in the local markets. If you think you would have no use for tapestries in your house, you can always buy yourself an elegant handbag or cushion cover made of the same cloth as a tapestry. Tapestries have been in the history of the country for a long time now and hold a prominent place in the cultural heritage too.


Arts & Crafts

As stated already, Yangon is a place that has a rich heritage and culture, therefore, the ancient arts of the country has been preserved until today, and can be found in most parts of the city. As a tourist, some of the beautiful artefacts you can take back home are the sculpted statues, palm leaves, murals, and parchments that you can place in your library. There are puppet shows in most parts of the country, and after viewing one such show, you can always buy yourself a few puppets to remember the show.


Lacquer ware

This is something that you will love owning as this can be a part of your daily life too. Vases, plates, bowls and boxes made in lacquer ware are beautiful to look at and most of them depict the history of Yangon, be it the architecture of the prominent religious sites or drawings of Buddha. Lacquer ware is quite expensive, but you can find them in various ranges, if you want something sturdy that lasts for a longer time, you must dish out some extra cash and go for the bowl or dish in the higher range. This souvenir will please you to no end when your guests ooh and aah over your bowls and dishes.