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Reasons to visit the world's richest city – Doha's opulence and glitter

Saying that Doha is next on the list to be a holiday destination like Dubai will not be wrong; Doha has both the money and will to do so. Now, let's take a look at why you would want to visit this rich city.



Similar to Dubai, Doha has anything and everything a shopaholic might ever be in want of. From international luxury brand stores to local markets that sell Middle Eastern items, Doha is a mix of the old and the new. Shopping is one of the major Doha attractions, and booking yourself a stay at a hotel such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel will ensure that you are amidst all the shopping hubs the city has to offer. Also, shopping is a way to escape the heat of the desert and walk around in air-conditioned spaces in leisure.



These majestic birds can be bought! In Doha, when you go to Souq Waqif, you'd find that these old-fashioned markets sell everything from gold to spices, and falcons. Almost every man in Qatar will own a falcon at an early age as this is considered a rite of passage for them. Before you buy yourself a falcon, check the rules in your country and sort out the part where you will have to take the falcon on your flight back home. A healthy falcon will cost you anywhere from five thousand dollars to a crazy two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This might seem expensive but remember that Doha is one of the richest cities in the world; therefore, about fourteen percent of the population are millionaires.


Camel Racing

Though frowned upon in the other parts of the world, Camel racing is a much sought-after sport in Doha. Locally known as the sport of the sheikhs, camel racing is famous enough to have its own television channel. If you are in or around Doha in between the months of November and February, go out of your way, head to Al-Shahaniya and treat yourself to a camel race. This sure is a sight to behold and is definitely worth rerouting your trip for.


Artificial Island

Like the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Doha owns the Pearl. This man-made is frequented by the richest of them all and covers about 400 hectares of land that houses hotels, apartments, and villas. Living on the Pearl gives one a status and obviously, you will have to be extremely well off to afford a place here.


The hotels

Most of the hotels here are so grand that a one-night stay might be equal to the rent one might pay for a month back in your home country. Every hotel looks to wow you in as many ways as possible and you definitely will be amazed. Built to look like palaces or ultra-modern sleek structures, the luxury hotels in Doha are a far cry from those around the world. Spending a night in one of these hotels will be an unforgettable experience for anyone. Also, most of these hotels come with their own private beach and gardens!