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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Tips When Visiting Maldives – What to Take to Paradise

So you are finally off to the Maldives, a beautiful tropical archipelago of sun, sand and sea. Packing the right gear and knowing a few facts, helps avoid any hitches. Do read on for essential tips.


There is a Baggage Allowance on the Seaplane

Your international flight will arrive on the capital Male; from there most tourists transfer to their Maldives island resorts via seaplane or speedboat. Those arriving on a long haul flight will be awarded a very good baggage allowance, of maybe 30kgs, however, your seaplane baggage allowance is only 25kgs, in most instances; hence, you will be asked to pay for the extra. Do keep this in mind when packing for your trip.


Pack a Few Conservative Clothes

The Maldives is a Muslim nation; as such, the dress code is very conservative. Women cannot wear bikinis or other swimwear in public unless they are at a private island based Maldives resort including the likes of Maafushivaru Maldives. Men can wear shorts and t-shirts, but when touring the sites, they will be required to wear long trousers and shirts with sleeves before entering a mosque. As such, pack a shawl for covering your head and shoulders, a long skirt or long pants, as well as, a long-sleeved shirt to pull over your top. Pack plenty of loose t-shirts and long baggy shorts for exploring the local islands and you will still feel island vibes, without offending the locals.


Pack Swimwear You Can Swim In!

This one does not apply to men, who probably have no idea what the above phrase means! But ladies do. Skimpy bikinis are very sexy and look quite flattering around the pool and on the beach; however, the Maldives is not for standing around looking gorgeous. You will be doing quite a lot of swimming, snorkelling and even scuba diving, and skimpy swimwear tends to 'slip off' in places you need them to stay put; as such, do pack a practical swimsuit, which you can enjoy a load of water-based activities in.


Take Along an Underwater Camera

Don't forget an underwater camera; it will be your means of re-living the fabulous adventures you will be enjoying on the Maldives. Snorkelling can be enjoyed by just about anyone there, regardless of age or swimming skills. And the coral reefs are quite the treat, full of colourful marine life and corals in various hues these little patches are often frequented by sea turtles and huge manta rays, and you will certainly want to capture the images to take back.


Don't Fuss Over Too Many Shoes

Evening wear can be restricted to comfy sandals or no shoes at all! Remember the Maldives is mostly beaches, and the sand is so fine and soft, that you want to feel its smooth texture beneath your feet all the time. Simply pack a pair of sandals, beach shoes for exploring the coral beds, although you must never walk on the coral reefs, and a pair of rubber thongs for when you will be exploring islands.