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What You Need to Know Before Riding a Camel – An Interesting Lesson

Snorting faces, humps that are hard to manoeuvre and long treks across desert sands are part of the adventure as you get up close with the camels of Abu Dhabi. Here are a few pointers.


Camels are Everywhere

The camel population of the UAE was estimated to be over 178,000 way back in 2003. Arabs were in ancient times, judged by, and proud of the number of camels in their possession. They are a very useful type of animal, providing not only transportation but milk and meat to many Bedouin tribes. They are creatures well lauded for their patience and are thus considered very useful. In Abu Dhabi you will come across two varieties of camels, the dromedary an Arabic camel with only one hump and the Asian camel or Bactrian which has two humps.


Camels Always Travel in Single File

Camels in the wild will always travel in single file; hence all tours are conducted the same way with camels being roped in a neat line; which is called a camel train. Many believe camels are quite particular about who travels in front and are often fussy about this, so watch out for those temper tantrums you may be exposed to. Guests of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara will love exploring the Empty Quarter of the Rub Al Khali desert on a camel safari which is a quintessential part of any Abu Dhabi desert tour.


Camels Can Do with Some Deodorant

Well, in all fairness, camels do live in very hot environs and rarely if never have a bath. This means they must be excused for the strong odours you will encounter when trying to ride one. Don't worry it's not too bad and you will most probably be distracted by the enchanting desert vistas!


A Camel Will Pee On Itself

Another factor that contributes to the strong smells a camel gives off is the fact that these creatures tend to urinate on their legs. This is, in fact, an ingenious act devised by the camels to keep themselves clean. Smart or not is for you to decide.


Camels Have Very Bad Teeth

Camels are not popular for their dental hygiene; as such a picture with a smiling camel may not look very impressive. It will, of course, be a great boost to any young kid, not intent on the rule of brushing their teeth before bedtime; simply hang up a picture of your smiling camel on your kid's bedroom wall, and enjoy the results.


A Cameleers First Love is His Camel

A cameleer is the person who looks after the camel and guides it along the way; they are very attached to the creatures and simply love the creatures. You will too after a few hours of riding the animals, as camels are gentle and patient by nature, you can help falling in love with them. Do enjoy your first encounter with these magnificent beasts and remember to respect and treat them with kindness.