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Updated by MacKeepsFreezing on May 25, 2018
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Steps to fix your froxen Mac

What to do when Mac freezes up? Learn the best tactics on how to unfreeze your precious Mac and make it work smoothly and stable again. Keeping your Apple computer clean and healthy will ensure its steady performance in future.

How to Handle a Mac Crash without Stress | MacKeepsFreezing

What to do if a MacBook Pro keeps crashing? Learn expert tips & tricks to prevent the OS and applications from errors and malfunction. Get the most of your Mac using the ultimate troubleshooting techniques and Apple Diagnostics!

Safari Keeps Crashing on Mac: What to Do to Revive My Browser? | MacKeepsFreezing

Often Safari keeps freezing all the time. In many cases, it is the Mac's user's fault. But even if it's not, it's easy to solve the problem in several ways.

Is Your Mac Mail Freezing All the Time? Melt This Ice in Several Effective Steps!

When Apple Mail keeps crashing continuously, it drives a Mac user mad. Discover various causes of this problem and solutions for both advanced users and newbies in a single article. At least one of the listed methods should work.

What to Do if Microsoft Word Frozen on Mac? | MacKeepsFreezing

Mac Microsoft Office frozen? What to do if such situation happens regularly? Learn how to fix Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook crashing on Apple computers. Use simple and advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Chrome Crashing on Mac Constantly? Time-Tested Ways to Deal with the Issue | MacKeepsFreezing

Whenever you notice that Google Chrome freezes Mac too often, discover the underlying reasons for that and how to approach each of them. Read more about the possible causes and effective solutions to this problem.

Main Causes of macOS Sierra Freeze and How to Fix It | MacKeepsFreezing

How comes that you face macOS Sierra freeze after the system upgrade? Several issues may be causing that trouble, and the article explains the ways to handle it.

That's What You Do to Stop Seeing Mac Spinning Wheel of Death | MacKeepsFreezing

Are you facing annoying spinning color wheel more and more often on your Mac? To avoid even bigger troubles, start acting now. Find out how easy it is to detect the initial causes of the issue and make your Apple computer faster.

What Can You Do If Firefox Keeps Crashing Mac? | MacKeepsFreezing

If you find yourself asking why does Firefox keep crashing and don't want to put up with its unsatisfactory performance, this article may be just right for you.

Why MacBook Pro Freezes and How to Stop It | MacKeepsFreezing

If you have no inkling what to do when MacBook Pro freezes, you are in the right place. Read carefully to bring your digital friend back to life.

FaceTime not Available for Use: What Can I Do about That? | MacKeepsFreezing

It surely drives you mad when your preferred app for audio and video calls does not work. In this article, we will talk about how to fix FaceTime on both Apple computers and iOS devices in case the app crashes.

How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working on Mac | MacKeepsFreezing

Can't bear it without bopping to your favorite tune but Spotify won't open? Follow selected tips on how to solve all kinds of Spotify problems on Mac.