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Interesting Facts About the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital – World Famous Icon

A trip to the popular Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital will be the highlight of your visit. A one of a kind hospital which treats over a 1000 birds annually, here are the best features of the hospice.


The Patients Are Considered Humans

Falcons are a part of the UAE culture and are given the same prominence and importance as its human residents; as such, the capital city Abu Dhabi, home to the Falcon hospital does justice to this conception by treating its patients with equal rights and care. For starters the hospital is equipped with a 'waiting room' just like any conventional hospital, there you can observe, the feathery patients waiting patiently, pun not intended, for their turn.


Discounted Medical Care

That's right folks the Government of the UAE has given a special subsidised rate for treating falcons; hence, medical costs for caring for and treating the injured birds at the hospital is kept to the minimum. This gesture encourages, owners of falcons from all walks of life to give their birds the best care possible. As you can see, the Arab culture extends its hospitality to all sectors; a fact, those staying at Abu Dhabi city hotels will understand be it the lavish settings or personalised services on offer. Apart from such service, guests at properties such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara will also find the Falcon Hospital only a 25 minute drive away.


Pedicures Anyone?

And why not, go all out and offer the falcons a pedicure. The hospital does just that, and you can take your falcon along for a relaxing pedicure; the birds don't seem to like it though and are given an anaesthetic before the procedure. Contrary to what you may have perceived, the pedicure is not done for beautification purposes, instead, it is for preventing in-grown talons which tend to dig into the flesh and harm the birds.


State of the Art Operating Theatres Are on Offer

This hospital like the best hotels in Abu Dhabi, offers all comforts, extending to a state-of-the-art operating theatre, capable of treating and dealing with all types of complications and situations. Owners can rest assured their birds are receiving the best of care.


There is a Luxurious Aviary to Relax In

The beloved falcons of Abu Dhabi are given the best of care at this hospital, home to an elegant air-conditioned aviary. There the treated birds are able to rest and relax, in quiet surroundings; far from the blistering hot outdoors.


Visitors May Enjoy a Guided Tour

If the above facts have already piqued your interest, you will be happy to know the hospital has now introduced guided tours of the premises. In order to offer visitors a comprehensive insight into services and facilities on offer, up-dated guides help you make the rounds. There is, in addition, a special falcon museum which has proven to be quite a hit amongst visitors.