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Updated by The WaterStop Shop on Oct 13, 2019
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The WaterStop Shop

The WaterStop Shop are the waterproofing supply professionals. We providing an extensive range of waterproofing products for all your waterproofing requirements. We also delivering the best service, products and advice.

Stainless Steel Channels

The WaterStop Shop provide top-quality stainless steel channels and grates at affordable prices that can be used in a variety of applications, whether for a commercial, residential or industrial project. Stainless steel is a very durable and robust product, made from steel that is resistant to corrosion.

The WaterStop Shop provide water-based, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous Gripset product. Their products are great for protecting wet areas, weather-exposed areas, immersed areas, and portable systems. They also produce waterproofing products for roofs, with UV-resistant properties, ideal for roofs baking under the Australian sun.

Mapei Waterproofing Products

The WaterStop Shop provide Mapei products, produce both adhesives and chemical products for building, including a range of products for waterproofing. Our is a top-quality waterproofing product that can be used in a variety of everyday applications.

Choose the Right Balcony Waterproofing Products Judging the Characteristics

Balcony waterproofing products come with unique characteristics and features. Here are specific steps given which must be followed when you use the balcony waterproofing products for the purpose to ensure it works well and as desired.

Take Care of Your Waterproofing Membrane

There are different types of waterproofing membrane services which will help you to know the efficient prices on any online site. Many companies ensure you to provide cost effective project specific solutions, proven solutions ensuring long term durability, expert technical service, and customer service.

5 Essentials You Need to Check in Any Shower Waterproofing Products

Before you undertake any waterproofing project, you will have to study about shower waterproofing products. Here given few of the basic things that you need to check while buying any of the products for shower waterproofing.

Choose the Best Methods of Waterproofing

As concrete is permeable to water so it is mandatory to stop deterioration by making it waterproof. You can choose different waterproofing techniques given here, depending on site requirements and conditions.

Learn Everything About Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete waterproofing measures would help you remain cozy and comfortable for several years. Here we will discuss the procedure for concrete waterproofing your house, which can protect your house from damage for several years.

Your Dream Home with Construction Waterproofing

Construction waterproofing is needed to enhance the life of the building made from any material to withstand the rapid decay. If you are not aware of the benefits and methods of this process, then you can get an overview through this article.

Choose the Best Waterproofing Contractor for Your Premises

Construction waterproofing is the process of making your construction water resistant. We go around selecting and reviewing the best builders and other services. Here are few considerations that are mandatory.

Reasons and Basics of Construction Waterproofing

Lots of properties got damaged due to water leakage and flood. This problem might occur frequently during a bad weather and therefore you will need an effective waterproofing system in your building.


Shield Your Home with Waterproofing Membrane

Shield Your Home with Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproofing membranes are laid over any structure to protect it from water seepage. It can be laid on flat terraces and below floor tiles so that the water infiltration does not destroy the main construction of the building.




Without waterproofing, balconies go through frequent repairing because of moist elements.


Why Do You Need Balcony Waterproofing For Your New Home?

Why Do You Need Balcony Waterproofing For Your New Home?

Waterproofing is one of the most crucial stages of any construction project. Construction waterproofing ensures that water doesn’t create ongoing damage around wet areas such as bathrooms, basements and balconies


Why Balcony Waterproofing Is Mandatory for Every Home

for waterproofing supplies in Melbourne, call The WaterStop Shop today for all your waterproofing products!


Waterproofing A Tiled Balcony

Concrete waterproofing is integral to construction, especially for high-rise constructions. As more of these buildings are erected around Melbourne, make sure your construction can rely on the integrity of excellent concrete waterproofing.