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RingCaptcha provides SMS and voice verification services for websites and apps

RingCaptcha - Real Users, Real Contact

Onboard and engage your users with our phone identity, verification, one-time password and SMS notification platform. Get started in 90 sec

RingCaptcha: Why Employ Sms Verification Services?

In an era of digitalization, all the businesses understand the importance of highly authoritative online presence. They want to attract more and more customers.

3 Reasons To Hire Sms Verification Services For Your App – RingCaptcha

Having a genuine user base is very critical for your business. In addition to that, it is your primary responsibility that you ensure that their data are protected to ensure that you continuously increase the user base for your business. One of the best and secured ways to protect the data of your users is…

Why integrate SMS authentication API in your website or app? | Go Mighty

Want to know the importance of integrating SMS authentication API in your website? Travel through this article and get the brief knowledge in the most pleasant way.

3 Twilio Alternatives to Look Forward

Twilio is a developer platform for communications which allows software developers to build SMS, voice & messaging applications using an API! You can...

Two-way authentication system or 2FA is the latest in cyber security that can help you to secure your online account! 2FA authentication ca…

SMS Verification Services and Authentication API in USA

Verify phone numbers with our SMS verification services. A Twilio SMS alternative that protects your users' accounts from unauthorized access.

API- The Cheapest Way for Number verification - Ringcaptcha's Site

Your users and customers are the most valuable asset of your business. Thus, it is necessary to protect your users from any type of security breach. This will ensure that your user base increases and any type of malicious activities are prevented. Phone verification API is the most effective and...

Authorization vs authentication - what is the difference? - RingCaptcha

There are plenty of two-factor authentication options available to choose from. However, the easiest and quick way to incorporate two-factor authentication in your business is via opting for SMS 2fa ( SMS two-factor authentication)

Big Brands Are Using SMS Verification Services, Where are You? – RingCaptcha

In today’s world communicating with an SMS sounds weird but, it is one of the most secure tools used for the identity verification purposes. Many big organizations believe that sms phone verification api is one of the most effective ways to find out the identity of a person. The biggest brands like What’s App, Facebook, Twitter…

Why Is Web Security So Important | Cleantech Solutions

Web security is highly important because when a website is hacked, your business will lose a lot of customers. This is because the customers will feel not feel that your website is trustworthy.

Here Is How You Can Secure Your Online Business | Idea Cafe Blog

With the rise in the online business website, cyber threats are also becoming a huge concern. However, it is the duty of a business to provide security to their customers. When customers register on your online website, they expect a safe and secure

RingCaptcha: The Future of Authentication is here!

Looking to authenticate in the most secure way? Try out Ringcaptcha for the best verification services.

Twilio Alternatives for Phone Verification -

Phone call verification is a part of two factor authentication that is successfully being used in today’s time. 2fa is a part of multi-factor authentication MFA and co firms the identity of the user along with a traditional username and password by using...

SMS Verification Services API

Phone number identity and verification is a critical part of user signup, login, and counter for many of today’s web and mobile businesses. It convinces businesses that users are real, ...

Effective Monitoring of Phone Number Verification | Go Mighty

With more than six billion mobile phone numbers registered worldwide, the mobile phone number is the final way to verify user identity.

Add extra security to your verification process

Are you running a website? Follow these instructions to add an extra security to the verification process.