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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Jun 12, 2021
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5 tools everyone in the app development companies should use today

However, there are some tools that can be used by anyone and everyone who wishes to indulge in developing mobile applications, be it Android or Leading iOS application development.




This tool is widely used by the application developers to complete the iOS application development. This happens to be a web development tool and it helps and enables people to convert their sketches on the paper into some prototypes that are interactive in nature. These prototypes are very helpful in evidencing the mobile applications. This is one of the tools that is used by the developers for the best iOS app development companies as there are several other tools also available in the market.

One of the good things about working with Marvel is that the user can share work or the prototypes with other people as well. This tool also works in a brilliant manner with .pds files which enable the developers to have a chat with other colleagues and discuss the design context. It helps the developers to design anything and anywhere and also enhances their productivity.




If one is developing specifically Android mobile applications then this is the tool they must turn to. The mobile application development companies that deal with Android applications can utilize this tool for not only building the application but also distributing it.

One can consider this tool as one of the best friends of the very popular Google Play Store as it works very well with it. When the mobile app developers are done with their job of making the application then the final product can be publicized and monetary gains can be attained from the same.

This tool is amazing in developing apps plus it also aids in document programs. Another good thing about AppsGeyser is that it can be used without paying any charges. It is quick and is very user-friendly in usage.




This tool was found in the year 2010 and there is no turning back since then. It is popular with individual app developers as well as app development companies. The application developing tool has dual benefits to reap namely Steroids and Proto-typer. The Proto-typer has proved to be super helpful when it comes to uploading of the wireframes and action definition when the very first click has been done on the app.

The second feature called the Steroids is majorly helpful for developing the HTML5 apps. The main aim of this app development tool is to simplify the process of cross-platform app development worldwide.




If the app development company is on a lookout for tools that can help with developing some of the detailed and complex applications then search ends with Appery.IO. This particular tool is indeed quite user-friendly as it is easy to carry out and the whole package can be utilized for software development.

The developer can accomplish two tasks when he works on this tool as he can learn and develop the app at the same time. This app development tool is widely famous for its design, performance, and quality. The developers can even enjoy many good things when they work with this tool as it helps them connect with their team in a convenient manner plus improve their development skills along with lets them work with the latest and updated technologies.


Corona Labs

Corona Labs

This particular mobile app development tool mainly focuses on bringing forth the 2-dimensional techniques that are primarily used in making gaming applications. One can consider using this tool as it happens to be very reasonably priced and in fact one of the most affordable in the market.

When one learns more about this tool then he will come across the fact that this is indeed a cross-platform set up that is definitely ideal for creating apps in a faster manner. One of the best things about this app development tool is that it is helpful both for the both Android and iOS application development.

This tool also allows the developers to live-test their developed application. Also, speed is one of its forte which is highly enjoyed by the app developers.



The above mentioned** five mobile app development tools **are popular for their own features and benefits. One can choose solely based on his requirements and preferences. These tools are widely used and appreciated by many app developers across the globe.

They happen to be easily accessible and extend a lot of good things to their users. Mobile applications today call for innovation as people are smart and only download applications that look useful and worthy of their storage space.

Therefore it is very important to choose a perfect app development tool so that the developers can use their skills and their creativity in the best form. The mobile application development companies leave no stone unturned in satisfying their clients and thus they use the tools that help them increase their productivity and demand in the market.

The industry of mobile applications is growing leaps and bounds these days and hopefully will continue this trend in the future as well. The potential client also has a tough screening process when it comes to choosing the best app development company, therefore, it becomes nothing but essential to have the right app development tools in hand those are helpful and advanced in nature.