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Ultralift Australia

We have a comprehensive range of lifting and mounting products that perfectly resembles our years of experience, precision, innovation and the ability to match your requirements. Projector wall mount, mobile TV stand, Projector ceiling mount, TV wall mount, motorized TV lift, motorized projector lift and electric TV lift mechanism are some of the products that you will come across.

The Benefits of a Customised Approach to AV design - Ultralift Australia

In the modern age of streaming, video conferencing and greater connectivity in general, audio visual systems are more important than ever for both home and work environments. Architects and AV Specifiers must respond to their clients’ demands in this area, and are increasingly offering customised AV system design to suit individual needs and overcome specific difficulties.

TV Lifts hide unsightly entertainment systems

A spectacular home entertainment system is high on the list of features modern homeowners want in their ideal house. TV screens have moved on from the bulky old cathode ray tube sets to bigger and better flat screen TVs. Viewing habits have also changed dramatically. In-home viewing is no longer a choice between only a handful of channels showing a limited range of shows, but an environment where big-budget movies and epic TV shows and major sporting events are all available to stream or download at the touch of a button.


Mobile TV stands can do more than transport large screens. To learn more about our superior range of MOBILE TV STANDS for education, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Motorised TV Lifts

We have a comprehensive range of lifting and mounting products that reflect our expertise in innovative manufacturing techniques and in-house design. Projector wall mounts, mobile TV stands, projector ceiling mounts, TV wall mounts, motorized TV lifts, motorized projector lifts and electric TV lift mechanisms are some of the products offered to architects, builders, AV integrator and consultants, whether they be for residential, commercial, educational or government projects.

Experience the Olympics in style with an Ultralift TV Lift

Experience all of the excitement of the games with our luxury range of automated TV lifts.

Projector Wall Mounts - Ultralift Australia

Ultralift offers 'Spider Short Throw', a Projector Wall Mount, that very well integrates a projector into the room. Projectors of varying sizes can be easily mounted with a pole, wall plate and all the necessary fixing hardware. This provides a flexible solution to your projector's mounting requirements.

See you at Grand Designs Melbourne Stand L14!

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TV Cabinet/Floor Lifts Archives - Ultralift Australia

Our TV floor lift and TV cabinet lift is an ideal mechanism for concealing your TV from floor or joinery. Our Phoenix, Titan and Elevator are amongst our most popular units.TV floor lifts are convenient to install and operates reliably. TV floor lifts have a variety of recreational uses in the home, boats and conference centres as well as boardrooms and offices.


Choosing the right projector lift for your environment doesn’t need to be difficult. At Ultralift we have a range of fully concealable, motorised projector lifts suitable for your audio-visual requirements. Consider the Ultralift...

Low Prices Projector Ceiling Mounts - Ultralift Australia

Ultralift Australia offers a wide range of Projector Ceiling Mounts, including Spider 1200’ projector mounts and Spider 70’ projector mounts.

AV Solutions for Pubs and Clubs - Ultralift Australia

Pubs and clubs rely heavily on functional and presentable AV equipment. Punters and sporting enthusiasts want to see multiple screens scrolling through a series of results, odds, races and events from venues across the country and around the world.

Case Study: Multiple Screen Learning Space at Monash University - Ultralift Australia

As part of the new, cutting-edge Learning and Teaching Building at their Clayton campus, Monash University required a highly specialised and adaptable motorised TV lift solution. The centrepiece of the new building is the innovative ‘Learning in the Round’ space, specially designed to provide a vibrant, flexible environment that can be adapted to suit a wide range of teaching and learning styles including collaborative and interactive working.

Digital Interactive Displays Boost In-Store Experiences - Ultralift Australia

We’ve all come to expect interactive screens in our lives. They exist in our homes, workplaces, cars, pockets... even on our wrists! From weather information and the session times of movies to traffic conditions..

Setting up the Perfect Home Theatre System

Home theatre is fast becoming the new black in domestic entertainment systems and setting up the perfect arrangement for your space is easy.

Scenic Living Room TV Floor Lift - Ultralift Australia

For interiors with floor to ceiling windows and glass walls, our concealed floor TV lifts provide the perfect solution.

Ultralift’s remote-controlled, floor-concealed TV lift solutions maximise living spaces and provide uninterrupted views to any interior.

Suitable for new buildings and any size screen, this type of fit-out requires forward planning. To install a floor TV lift, a pit is built under the floor which often needs to take place before a slab is poured. A single remote control activates the lift and operates the television and sound system providing a seamless audio visual solution.

This example was installed by Electronic Living.

Education Range - Ultralift Australia

Our Education Range of Audio Visual Trolleys are one of a kind. Our trolleys support 60″ to 100″ in size and we have both, motorised and non-motorised versions with large wheels for easy mobility. Our trolleys are also NSW Department of Education Compliant and come flat packed for easy shipping.

Motorised TV lifts integrate appliances into the interior design of any home - Ultralift Australia

A massive part of what makes a house a home is the way in which we all make it our own and put our own stamp on a property through the furnishings, décor and the overall design aesthetic we choose. It might be a traditional home boasting much sought after period features, with antique or reproduction furniture carefully chosen to match. It might be a sleek, modern home with clean lines and open, inviting, multi-functional spaces. Whatever the type of home or design aesthetic, the desired effect is all too often ruined by large AV equipment which is thoughtlessly placed and dominates the otherwise lovingly crafted space. That being said, nobody wants to go without a TV and miss out on their favourite shows, movies and sporting events. So what’s the solution?

How Interior Designers Future Proof Your Home with the Best AV Solutions - Ultralift Australia

Most homeowners don’t necessarily think about future proofing their dwelling. A home is only as future proofed as its design, right? Actually, by working with the right interior designers, you can future proof the interior of your home with the best of breed AV solutions. Technology is at the center of our modern lifestyle, and these solutions allow you to build in the capabilities that you’ll want tomorrow, today.

Boardroom Table Lifts - Ultralift Australia

Streamlined boardroom AV concealment solutions for offices, hotel and conference centres.
Ultralift has been commissioned to produce many AV concealment solutions across Australia including for government departments. Our range of boardroom table lifts are the perfect space saving solution for conference centres and boardrooms. Our range of TV lifts drop down within the boardroom tables allowing for the maximum use of space when required.