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Top 10 Surfing Spots in Bali - Whether You Stay in a Luxury Resort or a Budget Shack, in the Water all Surfers are Equal

A world-renowned surfer paradise, Bali's best surfing beaches are predominantly in the south and the Bukit peninsula. There are some 60 surf spots, all equally alluring, but more suited to seasoned surfers. Here's a peek at some of the top spots.


Padang Padang

Padang Padang consists of two breaks. 'Left' for experts and 'Right' for all levels. 'Left' is a reef break requiring a high level of skill. Added danger comes from the rocks and coral reefs hidden below the surface. Those with less than expert skills should head for Padang Padang 'Right' with its long, unbroken wave at high tide.



Canggu has many different surf spots but the three best known are Echo Beach, Berawa Beach and Batu Bolong Beach.
• Echo Beach suits intermediate to advanced surfers. The waves are usually fast, however you may end up lingering for up to 30 minutes before catching the perfect wave.

• Berawa Beach is a great break for intermediate surfers with waves ranging from small and easy-going to short barrels. You'll see three different breaks here: to the left a modest righthander that can produce nice barrels in good conditions; in the middle a righthand wave plus a longer left which can both give long rides; on the righthand side, another righthand wave further out at sea.

• Considered one of the best surfing points in Bali, Batu Bolong Beach is a good location for beginners because the wave is slow and easy to catch.



Keramas is a world-class beach with big, fast waves also top ranked among Bali surf resorts. You'll find strong right-handers up to five feet that can produce deep tube rides over the lava reef and rock floor. Keramas can be surfed from waist high to triple overhead. Early mornings are best and you can also surf here through the dry season if conditions are right. As expected it gets crowded, so an early morning start is always advised.


Nusa Lembongon

This small island southeast of the mainland offers several interesting breaks: 'Shipwrecks' named after the ship that ran aground on its north-western reefs. Surfers of all levels flock here, but it takes an expert to catch a good barrel. 'Lacerations' is a challenging surf break that presents wide open tube time. Popular smaller swell 'Playgrounds', breaks across a shallow reef and is suitable for intermediate to experienced surfers.

These spots which can be reached by boat are best during the dry season, between March and October.


Green Bowl

Green Bowl is also referred to as Green Ball. Lesser known, it offers fast waves which can be surfed even during the offseason. Recommended for experienced surfers, it offers big, consistent swells and is impacted by strong southern-ocean currents that travel unpredictably.



Top ranked Uluwatu is made up of 5 spots: The Peak, Racetrack, Outside Corner, Temples and The Bombie. Each site presents plus points depending on the time of day and nature of the swell. Recommended for experienced and professional surfers, you'll have no trouble finding a resort the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort here.



Suluban which in Balinese means to 'crouch under' is a narrow beach approachable only by descending a narrow path, down steep steps into a cave, then out onto the sand. Good for professionals, the main appeal here is the long and powerful swells and consistent barrels. Suitable only for professionals.



Impossibles was named due to difficulty in access. It comprises three peaks: the first accessible via Padang Padang, the two others from the spot's midsection. Expect long, powerful swells with consistent barrels. The waves average 2 - 5 feet.



Slightly off the beaten path, Bingin attracts smaller crowds of experienced surfers. The wave is big, the barrels consistent and the reef hazardous. Surfers are advised to observe the tides here.



Once secluded and unknown, Balangan is attracting attention as a surfing hot spot. It boasts a kilometre-long beach with a prominent rocky reef. Southern swells and one of the longest lefthander breaks (4 - 6 feet) in the area draw the crowds. Balangan is recommended for those with plenty of experience.