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Must try Foods in Kuala Lumpur – Mouth-watering delights

The exotic flavours and spices used in Malaysian food will open your taste-buds and palette to a whole new world of wonder and mouth-watering delights. Don't miss these delicacies when you're in KL.


Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is known to be the country's national dish and it should be the first thing you try as soon as you land in Malaysia. A simple version of this dish consists of coconut rice, a spicy sambal, peanuts an egg and fried anchovies. This dish can also be served with fried chicken. Almost all restaurants in Bukit Bintang, serve this dish along with its varieties. Those staying at a nearby accommodation in the city such as Berjaya Times Square Hotel should look for local restaurants to dine in.


Char Kuey Teow

If you've had Pad Thai, then you'll realise how similar this dish is to it. Char Kuey Teow is a local favourite and stems from China. Primarily made of stir-fried noodles served with eggs, prawns, cockles and sprouts and some chilli sauce on the side.


Curry Mee

A soup-based noodle dish that tastes divine as it oozes of spice and fragrant spices. The coconut noodle soup is usually served in a bowl consisting of prawns, bean sprouts and tofu and has an aromatic coconut scent and taste.


Prawn Mee

Prawn Mee is another soupy noodle dish that is perfect for pescatarians. Similar to Curry Mee, Prawn Mee has a stronger scent and flavour of prawns, mostly due to the noodles being cooked in a broth of prawn shells and heads. Drenched in the fresh flavour of the ocean, this soup is not for the fainthearted.


Bak Kut The

The name Bak Kut The literally translates to pork bone tea in Mandarin. Bak Kut The is not exactly a tea but a herbal soup stewed with the meat from pork ribs. The meat is left to simmer for a number of hours until it becomes soft and tender, before being served in a bowl. Bak Kut The is usually served with fried onion rice, vegetables and fried pieces of dough.


Chili Pan Mee

If you're not too big on the soupy noodles and would instead prefer a dry noodle dish, opt for Chili Pan Mee. Serving thicker noodles, this dish consists of minced pork, an egg and fried anchovies. The dry-chilli mix which usually gets served with your meal should be mixed well with the noodles in order to get the right amount of spice and flavour to the dish.



This meat on a stick dish is most loved by people from around the world. Usually served with peanut sauce, satays were originally from Indonesia. Satays can be made from chicken, beef or tofu and taste scrumptious when dipped in peanut sauce.


Chicken Rice

If you're not too big on being adventurous with food, Chicken Rice is your safest bet. This dish is served with boiled or roasted chicken, accompanied by rice that has been cooked in chicken stock, ginger and garlic.