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05 Unusual Sights Found in Bangkok - Explore the Weird Side of Bangkok

Bangkok has so much more to offer than great shopping and good food. Here is a list of quirky and strange places in Bangkok to visit when you when you want something different.


The Erawan Museum

Once you get your hands on a great Bangkok hotel promotion, your first stop should be the Erawan Museum. The museum was started by the late businessman Lek Viriyapant as he wanted to preserve his collection of antiquities and share them with the people of Thailand. What truly sets this museum apart from the rest is that its three levels are modelled after the Thai conceptualisation of the cosmos and visitors often feel like they are walking into a dream. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, or simply need a break from psychedelic indoor designs, you can take a stroll through the garden. The garden can be accessed for a nominal fee and it is filled with tropical plants such as Indian Jasmine and Ixora Bushes. You can even buy food to feed the schools of carp in the ponds.


Wat Pariwat

Bangkok is teeming with gorgeous temples but this temple successfully sets itself apart in terms of its d├ęcor. As you stroll across this large temple, you will find the altar decorated with mythical winged creatures called Garudas and, rather surprisingly, a carving of David Beckham! The statue spans only 30 centimetres but it is remarkably detailed and the word 'Sharp' is clearly depicted on his t-shirt. The carving was created with the consent of the Abbot in 1998 and was funded by a great fan of David Beckham. The temple is easily accessible and within half an hour's drive of most of Bangkok's hotels, including the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.


The Elephant Building

If you are a fan of architecture and find yourself close to north Bangkok's business district, you should keep an eye out for one of Bangkok's most iconic buildings, the Elephant Building. The Elephant Building is a 102-metre high building that looks like an elephant; complete with tusks and eyes. The building was created to celebrate Thailand's national animal and has earned global recognition.


The Forensic Museum

If you are tired of staring at ancient relics at museums, then it is time to pay a visit to the Forensic Museum in Bangkok. The museum is located within the Sriraj Hospital which can be found on the west bank of the Chao Phraya river. While there are several other museums dealing with pathology and other matters in the Sriraj Hospital, it is the Forensic Museum that has won recognition. It displays the corpses of accident victims and even murderers. It even houses the wax covered body of the famous serial killer, See Uey.


Airplane Graveyard

Plane enthusiasts or anyone looking for something out the ordinary might consider going to the Airplane Graveyard just outside the Bangkok city centre. The graveyard is located on private property and entrance can be gained by paying a fee to the locals living on the land. While most of the planes have been stripped, you can still spend a wonderful afternoon exploring the inner parts of the various planes on the property, including a Boeing 747 and a Douglas aeroplane.