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Additional Resources for Ensuring Accountability

Here are some great resources found when searching things like: avoiding procrastination, keeping others accountable, monitoring your progress at work, owning up to your mistakes, reducing perfectionism, and stopping complacency in the workplace. Please like, comment, and share more resources!

How To Ensure Accountability Is A Top Priority In Your Organization

Organizations can ensure that accountability is a top priority in their culture. It takes time, clear focus, and a commitment to understanding its benefits.

Seven Mistakes Leaders Make in Setting Goals

One organizational area that tends to tie a company in knots is the way leaders set goals. Here are seven common mistakes that leaders make, and how to avoid them.

11 Practical Ways To Stop Procrastination

If you tend to procrastinate and are looking for ways to boost your productivity, check out these 11 actionable ways to stop procrastinating.

The Right Way to Ask for Help at Work

Asking for help at the office is hard--of course you don't want to look like you're passing the buck, being lazy, or admitting defeat. But learn to ask for help the right way, and you'll not only get what you need, but you'll also look like even more of a team player.

It's like something out of a bad dream. You're in the middle of a typical day at the office, feeling like your usual confident, competent self. And than, bam! It's like ice water down your back. You r...

5 Strategies to Create a Culture of Accountability in the Workplace

Recent surveys suggest 40 percent of employees in US organizations are not held accountable for results.Here are five strategies organizations can use to ensure accountability in the workplace is instilled as a core element of company culture.

The Core Principles of Leadership Accountability

Learn how to change organizational behavior and create an environment where all levels can flourish utilizing leadership accountability.

Making Accountability Count

No healthy civil society can exist without a foundation of public trust. That's why Accountability Lab supports those who are working to ensure that powerful...

Strategies to Reduce Perfectionism | Psych Central

Here's how to reduce perfectionistic tendencies, according to Martin Antony, Ph.D., co-author of When Perfect Isn't Good Enough: Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism, who describes these strategies in his book. Challenge your thoughts. "Rather than assuming one's beliefs are true, we encourage people to question

You Can Get Some Big Things Done When It’s Not All About You

Lessons from Vanguard’s Jack Bogle.

The Danger of Complacency in the Workplace - The Great Workplace Revolution

Tom Klobucher, author of The Great Workplace Revolution, warns of the dangers of complacency for businesses in today's rapidly changing work environment. Lea...

10 Signs Your Employees Are Growing Complacent In Their Careers

The workplace is in transition, and so are many people with their careers. More than ever, people are feeling a sense of disengagement at work as they grow frustrated with the uncertainty and lack of long-term stability that surrounds them. Today’s workplace environment is growing worrisome for many because their employers can’t provide them the guaranteed security they seek, while they are expected to do more for less. Managing your career, whether employed or not, has become a full-time responsibility. The mere thought of what is involved to reach your desired career destination has become exhausting for many. As such, people are beginning to grow complacent about their futures and are losing their motivation to compete. As organizations aim to reinvent themselves, leaders should be on the lookout for the following behavioral cues to assure their employees are not becoming complacent in their careers during a time when they are needed most:

Helping People Take Responsibility - Take Ownership of Your Work from Mind Tools

Do you take ownership of your work? Help your people to take control by reading our top 9 tips on responsibility in the workplace.

The Systems Thinker – Accountability Leadership - The Systems Thinker

What comes to mind when you hear the word “accountability”? If it is something along the lines of “who gets the blame,” “being called on the carpet,” or “getting set up as the fall guy,” then you are like most people. To most of us, accountability has painful connotations.