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Updated by Khaitan Public School on Jun 15, 2018
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Khaitan Public School is one of the best schools in Ghaziabad offering world class education facilities. The School Vision is to be in every city in India, providing quality education to the masses

Ways to make more student centered classroom | Khaitan Public School

Traditionally, a classroom has a teacher standing in front while students sit and try to listen! A teacher-centred classroom fails to put a focus on needs of each student and what makes them unique whereas a student centered classroom is based on the concept of students having a powerful capacity to learn by a plethora of experiences. Such a concept motivates and engages students far more than passive learning.

The Udaipur Trek: A life Changing Experience | Khaitan Public School

How can a fatherless child win? The Udaipur Trek A life Changing Experience By Niyashi Kaushik read this interesting blog.

Cybercrime Safety: Online Safety Tips | Khaitan Public School

Cybercrime reality of today we can no longer afford to look the other way. The sooner we grow alert to the ramifications of cybercrime the more we can help.

10 Productive things to do during the School Summer Holidays

Students across India are eagerly waiting for summer vacations Numerous number of productive things to do during the school summer holidays.

Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad ranked among the Top Schools in Ghaziabad | Khaitan Public School

Leading Career Magazine Education World recently released the Education World India School Rankings 2016 and it’s all good news for Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad.

Anxiety, Stress and Board Exams Fever | Khaitan Public School

The CBSE Board exams for class 10th and 12th will begin on March 5th, 2018. We bring to all students a guide on dealing with the board exams.

Extraordinary Performance by Khaitanians in Class XII Board Results

22 students from Khaitan Public School scored more than 90% in class XII board results. The result is no way to decide how successful you will be in life.

All There is to Know About Android App Development | The Technocratie

Android App Development is the most sought-after job profile in the recent years. Here is everything you need to know to learn Android App Development.

Teaching thousands of Kids every day

Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad is one of the most reputed schools in Delhi-NCR with a creative work environment for teachers and administrative staff to flourish as individuals while continous growth of the school in the region. We organize trainings and several workshops for our teachers on our school campus, as well as send teachers to other training programs and workshops all over India and abroad.

'7 Habits of Highly Effective People' Leading a Change at Khaitan Public School | Khaitan Public School

As per the American Journal of Psychology (1903): “A habit is a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.” The process by which new behaviors become automatic is habit formation. Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because the behavioral patterns we repeat are imprinted in our neural pathways, but it is possible to form new habits through repetition.

Emotional Quotient or Intelligence Quotient: What is more important for success? | Khaitan Public School

In today’s time and age, it’s very important to possess balanced emotions to survive and grow in the world. Good academic performance by those with higher Intelligence Quotient but lower Emotional Quotient, may not be enough to bring success in their life. Most of you must have experienced or witnessed people who have high IQ but still fails to hold a job for a long time; people who don’t have cordial relationship with co-workers, failed marriages, low endurance, low self-esteem, etc, despite high IQ.

Explore various in-demand career options after 10th

Selecting career options after class X has always been very difficult for students as it affects their lives and careers.

The Animal Story through the Eyes of an Animal | Khaitan Public School

Tortured in every way you can imagine, Here is an animal story through the eyes of an animal. Guest blog by Riddhima Sharma, XI C, KPS

Let’s Ensure a Child Labour Free Society | Khaitan Public School

Child labour bereaves children the right to an innocent childhood. Let's do our bit to stop it by making informed decisions and spreading awareness.

Cyber Security Awareness for Children | Khaitan Public School

Cyber Security Awareness for school students: Cybercrime is a global issue plaguing the world.