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Updated by Alena on May 21, 2018
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Assignment: Live Tweeting

Tweets for Mike Rosenberg's presentation on 05/21/2018. (COM 360 Spring 2018)

Great presentation from @ByRosenberg today about using Twitter as a journalist! I tried to live tweet but my thumbs don’t move fast enough. #360NN

@ByRosenberg spoke to us about how Twitter is a “garden you have to tend to all the time.” You can’t just pop on once in a while, you have to keep up with the people you follow. #360NN

He says that the best way to find stories is to listen to people and see what they are posting about. #360NN

A tweet is “a nugget of information,” that helps you ask questions and allows you to dive deeper. One little thing can take you down a rabbit hole. #360NN

That rabbit hole could lead you to reach out to people for your story and you need go step by step to gain their trust. #360NN

It’s hard to reach out but make it clear that you’re a reporter and maintain extra professionalism. #360NN

Even with Twitter trolls. Give them the benefit of the doubt but also be skeptical. Don’t block them immediately, unless they are just spam, mute them. #360NN

To verify tweets, start from the assumption that it is false until you find evidence that it is true. #360NN

@ByRosenberg on using Twitter as a news source saying. “Twitter is one of the best sources for breaking news but a lot of it is going to be wrong.” #360NN

Verifying information is one of the key steps to journalistic professionalism and for reporting to the community around you. #360NN

In the end, you are trying to take the news and add context for your readers. #360NN

Tweet by Alena(@alenagtran)

He also says that tweets should have a picture or media that follow it. I only have this one picture but thank you to @ByRosenberg for speaking to us today. As the picture also shows, don’t miss out! Subscribe to the @seattletimes .