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Updated by cja2020 on May 21, 2018
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Live-Tweeting from Monday

It is a pleasure to have Mike Rosenberg, real-estate reporter from The Seattle Times, speaking to our COM 360 class this morning at the University of Washington! #360NN

Mike Rosenberg brings up a good point to always keep up with who you follow and with what you’re posting. It’s good to stay on top of things. Make sure that you also take some time and be invested in your tweets and responses. #360NN

As a journalist, when you tweet something, you are implying that it has credibility. Mike Rosenberg says to stay on the side of extreme caution, “especially in breaking news situations, because there will almost always be a flood of false information that comes out.” #360NN

“Tweets live forever.” Mike Rosenberg reminds us that the initial tweet can always be retweeted even if it is false, and then people will not see the follow-up tweets that it is actually incorrect. #360NN

Mike Rosenberg gives us good advice when it comes to accidentally tweeting false information. Delete the initiation tweet and then screenshot it with a caption stating that it is incorrect - then, create a new tweet with accurate information. #360NN

“You are always tweeting on the behalf of your organization.” Mike Rosenberg reminds us that we are not only representing ourselves on Twitter, but also our organizations and where we work. #360NN

“It’s important to find the right voice.” Mike Rosenberg gives us advice on how to find our voice on various platforms in order to get through to the audience & represent ourselves in the best way possible. #360NN

“It is hard to know where the line is, especially since the line is always moving.” Mike Rosenberg discusses the difficulties of knowing when you have gone too far with your voice and have stepped over the line. #360NN

“Fact-checking people is a good way to use Twitter.” Mike Rosenberg explains that you can use your voice on Twitter in various ways. #360NN

“Sometimes Twitter and social media can be brutal. But it’s important to see it for what it is, which is a very positive force. It helps you do your job better.” Mike Rosenberg explains the positives of social media and how it can benefit all of us. #360NN

“People who respond aren’t necessarily representative of the whole population.” Mike Rosenberg explains why interviewing people in-person can be more effective than asking everyone a question on Twitter or Facebook. #360NN

“It has completely transformed the idea of what it means to be a journalist.” Mike Rosenberg discusses how the involvement of social media has allowed the individual personalities of journalists to show. #360NN

“Twitter is the LinkedIn for journalists.” Mike Rosenberg explains how part of the reason he got the job working at The Seattle Times is the fact that many members of The Seattle Times were following him on Twitter. It can lead to connections and job opportunities. #360NN

Shout-out to @ByRosenberg for speaking to our class this morning! Thank you so much for the great advice and valuable information! #360NN