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Cool Things to do in Colombo – Enjoy Like a Local Would

Colombo is an exciting hub of entertainment that offers a mix of cultural, religious and modern things to do and see. Now, let us take a look at the coolest things to do when in Colombo.


Staying in Style

When you plan on holidaying in Colombo, the first thing you will think of is where you must stay at while here. Now, there are many kinds of accommodations here, but if you want to live in style, you must choose a luxury apartment in Colombo. These are not hard to come by, and if your trip is coming up in a year or two, newer places like One Galle Face will also be available by then. Apart from the obvious luxury, the other reason to choose such a stay is that most of them are located amidst the city centre, meaning, all the major attractions in Colombo will be within easy reach for you.


Explore the old buildings

Being ruled by more than one or two nations in the past, Colombo has its share of ancient colonial buildings and other structures that have the imprint of each ruling nation on and inside of them. You could set aside a day to explore these buildings. Begin with the National Museum in Colombo, which was built in the year 1876. This is easily the biggest Museum on the island and houses many interesting artefacts that will tell you about the rich history of Sri Lanka. The museum also has its own courtyard on which you can take a walk during a lazy evening. When you go closer to Galle Face, you will also see a few more buildings down the road, like the Old Parliament, for instance.


Galle Face Green

A trip to Colombo cannot be deemed complete without visiting the Galle Face Green Promenade. This is one of the most popular hangout spots in Colombo, and even if the local cool kids might consider it anything but cool, do not let them fool you. This place deserves a visit, and it finitely is cool, to this day. From yummy meals to isso vades, you can get a variety of snacks, to munch on while you seat yourself on a bench and wait for the sunset to awe you. There is a viewpoint that heads out to the sea, and watching the sun set into the horizon is an unforgettable experience for many.


The Beira Lake

Yet another gorgeous attraction right in the middle of the bustling city, the Beira Lake is a fun place to visit on a lazy relaxed evening. You can get inside one of the Swan boats and explore the lake on water or walk around the lake while you take the sights in. The skyline from this viewpoint looks amazing and will certainly make for a great photograph. One on end of the lake is the Gangaramaya Temple, which is one of the most sacred Buddhist temples in all of Sri Lanka. The temple also has a museum inside of it, with statues and artefacts that were gifted by the devotees.