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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 6 In-Home Workout Routines that will Keep Men Fit as a Fiddle – No More Crowded Gyms
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6 In-Home Workout Routines that will Keep Men Fit as a Fiddle – No More Crowded Gyms

Are you delaying those visits to the gym, because of the crowds, or hassle of getting out of the home and travelling? Then do consider in-home workouts which are just as effective, when done right.


Start Off with Press Ups

If you are constantly sitting on the sofa, checking out your soft and flabby middle, it's time to get down to some serious work; get on the floor and start those press-ups. It's a move which uses a range of muscles and is ideal to strengthen your shoulders. It can be performed easily at your home and will strengthen your shoulder joints for more strenuous exercises later.


Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Press

This move is safer and easier as a means of sculpting your shoulders than a behind your neck presses. It's ideal to keep strain off your joints and prevent shoulder impingement syndrome. Do remember though that, missing lifting sessions at the start is not beneficial. If you are unsure about the proper use of weights, check with your local gym for visiting trainers. You can even enlist the services of companies such as First Class Personal Training which offer customized in home personal training in Toronto and other major cities in Canada, under the expert guidance of fitness trainers.


The Dumbbell Squat

Squats are an all-round exercise which gives your body a pretty good workout. It's known to build overall strength. The Dumbbells helps you to concentrate, thus focusing on your technique is easy. Besides, you can practise a number of movements with a low weight. Once you have mastered this technique, consider barbell squats, but not before.


Farmers Walk

This is a very simple move, which offers a range of benefits. Technique is not important, all you need do is to grab two heavy dumbbells in each hand, maybe half your weight, and walk forwards as fast as you can using short steps. This move works wonders in improving your upper traps, front deltoids, as well as, your shoulder stabilizers. An added bonus is the Farmers Walk, superchargers your grip strength.


The Lateral Raise

If you want visible shoulder development, then this is the best exercise to try at home. The move helps you to develop shoulder width and mass, as it isolates you medial deltoid or rather the centre of three shoulder muscles. Ideal if you are after that V-shape to entice the ladies. To do this, hold the dumbbells in your hands and raise your arms to shoulder height, hold it for a few seconds, do not swing, now gently lower your arms, fighting gravity, as it helps to develop muscle mass better.


Dumbbell Calf Raise

Skipping important calf toning exercises can be avoided with the aid of this essential move. Incorporate this move into your daily routine and you will be giving your calves the perfect workout. To do this move, have two dumbbells in either hand, next you need to stand with the balls of your feet against a step and the rest of your foot on the floor; now gently raise your heels to the top of the contraction and gently lower it.