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Updated by North Texas Cancer Center on Sep 26, 2018
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Cancer Center at Wise Regional

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Finding the Best Oncology Clinic in Texas

A diagnosis of cancer is often one of the hardest things to hear. It may cause a lot of distress, depression, and uncertainties, however, with the services of a good oncology clinic, one may have a chance to lead a better life, or even better, a cancer-free life.

Latest Treatment for Advanced Breast Cancer in Texas

Advanced breast cancer refers to the stage of breast cancer at which cancer cells have spread from the breast to other organs such as the skin, lymph nodes, liver, brain, lungs, and bones.

40% of US Cancer Deaths due to Cigarette Smoking

JAMA Internal Medicine published data that showed cigarette smoking as a major cause of cancer deaths across the United States.

Know the Relationship between a Common Virus and Breast Cancer

The genes of these cells implanted in mice were examined, and some characteristics that were linked with aggressive cases of breast cancers like estrogenreceptornegative breast cancer were seen.

Cancer Treatment - The Possible Options

Detecting cancer early increases the chances of a cure. If you suspect that you may have cancer, schedule an appointment as early as possible at a cancer treatment center in Texas for early diagnosis.

Transforming the Lives of Cancer Patients in Texas

The future of cancer treatment lies in advanced immunotherapy options. Immunotherapy is the treatment of cancer that is designed to boost the natural ability of the body to fight cancer by restoring the function of the immune system.

Does Genetic Testing Improve Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer?

A study conducted found that an aggressive form of breast cancer, especially when the patient has BRCA mutations, responds well to non-standard chemotherapy.

Expert Diagnosis & Treatment in North Texas

Early diagnosis of cancer is the best way to cure cancer fast. It is vital for a patient to consult with their doctor about the various cancer screening types that are appropriate for them.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Lung Cancer

Minimally invasive surgeries are meant for patients with early-stage lung cancer. Stage 3 patients can also undergo the minimally invasive approach.

Know the Basic Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer presents in many different forms, each of which have their own symptoms. The best defense against this disease is a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, a proper diet, and plenty of hydration.