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Headline for Luxury Ayurvedic Treatments to Experience in Sri Lanka – Pamper yourself like never before
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Luxury Ayurvedic Treatments to Experience in Sri Lanka – Pamper yourself like never before

When you are on a vacation in Sri Lanka, there are many things you can do, to make it an overall luxurious getaway. Of them all, the Ayurvedic treatments you gift yourself will be the best.



One of the most commonly found Ayurveda treatments in a specialized spa, Shirodhara can be found in a luxury Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka the likes of Soul Resorts. This treatment is targeted on the chakra on your forehead, also known as the third eye chakra. By pouring a steady flow of warm oil on the forehead for quite a while, this soothing therapy calms your central nervous system and lets you rest in awareness. Most people wouldn't understand what that means, but people who actually did the therapy say they feel like they were asleep but were completely aware of everything happening around them. You must try it, to know the feeling.



Pronounced able-yanga, this ancient Ayurvedic therapy is a routine massage that uses hard strokes and warm oils that are targeted at specific Doshas in your body. This treatment increases the capability of the immune system, while it increases blood circulation and relaxes you. Abhyanga is a favoured Ayurvedic treatment in most parts of the world as the oils penetrates into the tissues, thus loosening the toxins in the skin cells.



Gandharva is more of a sound therapy that also includes the usual massages. Ancient medicine says that sound too can heal a person if used right. Gandharva uses such sounds to improve the energy flow in a human body. The warm oils are used to massage you as per norm while crystal bowls chime and move rhythmically to create the sound waves that take you to calm and blissful place.



This is the most opulent Ayurveda massage of them all. Having a duration of 70 minutes, Pizichilli is pure bliss, where you will be put through an oil bath that detoxifies you like never before. Continuous streams of hot oils are applied to and massaged over your body. These oils are a mix of essential and herbal oils, making this a treatment that nourishes your skin and body, moisturises you, enhances circulation, releases toxins from the body, and purifies your mind, body, and soul. Pizichilli is one of the most sought-after massages when it comes to Ayurvedic treatments since it covers the body, from the tip of your head to the tip of your toe.



This is the ultimate therapy if you are suffering from metabolic disorders. Udvartana, meaning upwards, is a massage that is done by movements that only go upwards. Therefore, the strokes are in the opposite direction of the hair growth in one's body. This type of massage is also used in many weight loss Ayurveda clinics as it liquidises stagnant fat in the body. There are many other benefits one can gain from this treatment; thus, it is quite a popular Ayurvedic massage in the natural medicine world.