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Headline for Watersports in the Maldives – Get Your Blood Pumping and Your Heart Pounding!
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Watersports in the Maldives – Get Your Blood Pumping and Your Heart Pounding!

The Maldives is a beautiful place that offers a lot of things for tourist to do, most of them being water sports. Here are some of the water sports you should try out while visiting the Maldives.



Paddle a Kayak, a small boat that sits very low in the water using a double-bladed oar to the middle of the clear blue ocean of the Maldives and feels the boat sway with every little turn of the water levels.

Kayaking will cost approximately between 30-50 USD per person and April to October is the best time to enjoy this sport. While it's not a must that you know how to swim to enjoy kayaking it is preferred that you do know.



The clear blue waters of the Maldives let both swimmers and non-swimmers enjoy the underwater wonderland which is filled with coral reefs and sea creatures of various shapes and sizes. The Maldives has 26 atolls for snorkelers to witness see how much depth and variety that the ocean has to offer.

Snorkelling will cost about 85 USD for 2 hours and the best time to go snorkelling is from July to September. The basics of the swimming would suffice for a newbie snorkeler but knowing how to dive would increase the number of places you can visit.


Big Game Fishing

Big Sea fishing is a lesser known and promoted water sport that is an excellent way to have a good time and relax in the Maldives. Resorts that offer Big Game Fishing such as the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is a good place to meet like-minded people who wouldn't mind splitting the cost of chartering a boat for engaging in the activity as hiring a boat alone can be quite costly. Most resorts will even cook the fish for you just how you like it.

November to March is the best time to enjoy Big Sea fishing and the cost per person is around 85 USD given that you have around 6 people to accompany you.


Under Water Walking

For people who can't go snorkelling Under Water Walking is the next best thing which is equally fun. All you need is a see-through oxygen mask to help you walk the floors of the deep ocean and enjoy its beauty up-close.

January to April is the best time for Under Water Walking and the cost per person is approximately 150 USD.


Glass-bottom boats

Dinghies or Glass-bottom boats will let you see the stunning marine plants and animals pass right under your feet making you feel like you're walking on water.

The best time for riding a Dinghies is from April to October and the cost per person is around 30 USD.


Jet Skiing

The pure adrenaline rush alone makes jet skiing one of the popular water sports in the Maldives. Contrary to what the old saying "speed thrills but kills", jet skiing is completely safe as long as you're wearing a life jacket and heed your instructor's advice. In case you're faced with unfortunate circumstances lifeguards who patrol the area and are ever ready to dive in and help you.

Jet skiing will cost you approximately 70 to 185 USD depending on the type of jet ski you choose and April to October is the best time to enjoy this thrilling water sport.