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Parenting | Tips & Advice

A list for parenting tips and advice about children & kids education
This is coming from | KidStoriz - The Educational Mobile App for Kids & Parents!

KidStoriz - KidStoriz - Neglectful Parenting is parenting gone wrong

There's proper parenting and then there's neglectful parenting and the difference is huge, here's how to check if you're doing neglectful parenting

KidStoriz - Children’s behavioral and mental health: A Guide for Parents

Children's behavioral and mental health do not only start when they begin to have a full awareness of everything around them, it definitely starts before that. Infants are greatly affected by the circumstances and interactions they have at a very young age.

KidStoriz - About Us

KidStoriz has made it easier to entertain and educate your kids; a complete curriculum for kids, which contains moral stories, educational content, and games.

KidStoriz Benefits

KidStoriz - The best educational mobile app for kids & parents

KidStoriz - 5 red signs to notice on first year of your kids

First year can sometimes say a lot about the development of your kids, here's what to notice

KidStoriz - A little push is good, being pushy can be hard to avoid

Being pushy to your kids can happen without notice or intent, here's how to avoid it

KidStoriz - Using the right words with your kids and how to build perception

Your kids are vulnerable to any words used with them, using the right words builds their character best

KidStoriz - KidStoriz - Authoritative Parenting works best

Authoritative Parenting is the middle way between responsive and permissive, it's considered the most effective style. Read More.

KidStoriz - Greetings etiquette kid for better life

Made by parents for KidStoriz

KidStoriz - Spotting Autism

Spotting autism in kids

KidStoriz - Overprotecting your child could feel nature, doesn't mean it is

A parents instinct is to protect, but overprotecting can cause serious damage

KidStoriz - How to help your child accept a second child

A second child could feel threatening to the your first child and here's how you can change this perception

KidStoriz - KidStoriz - How to Develop social skills for kids

A person may speak, but socializing is different. Developing social skills for kids is crucial for them to fit-in

KidStoriz - KidStoriz - Permissive Parenting is the wrong way to do it

Taking permission to be a parent or permissive parenting is simply wrong and even harmful, there's a better way to do it

KidStoriz - Responsibility

Teaching responsibility

KidStoriz - Honesty

Teaching honesty to your kids

KidStoriz - Being A Role Model

Being a role model to your kids