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Updated by Nemanja Manojlovic on May 18, 2018
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Will 2018 Be a Tipping Point for Chatbot Intelligence?

Let’s find the answers to these questions by looking at what we know so far and the current trends in the business landscape.



Chatbot technology has definitely stirred things up in the online and business worlds. Last year, for instance, was named the year of chatbots. That’s how popular they’ve become. It makes you think what 2018 has in store for them, doesn’t it? Will it be a tipping point for chatbot intelligence?

Let’s find the answers to these questions by looking at what we know so far and the current trends in the business landscape.


The Best Easy-to-Use Chatbot Platform

The Best Easy-to-Use Chatbot Platform

It is very rare for such omnipotent technologies to be as easy to use as chatbots were the moment they entered the scene. Based on our prior experiences with new tech, it would be logical to assume that something offering this many benefits will at least be a bit harder to master and use.

With chatbots, this isn’t a problem. For instance, even the best chatbot platform,, doesn’t require any technical knowledge or background. Getting your hands on a chatbot and putting it to use is as simple as performing a few clicks.


Free Chatbots

Another thing that will push chatbot intelligence to the top is the price at which it is available to private parties and business establishments. The price is the same for everyone – it is free. Yeah, you heard me right. We have come to a point where we can get our hands on cutting-edge tech for free.

But this is not where it ends. Chatbot maintenance is also free, as it doesn’t put any requirements on chatbot users, so there is no need for IT teams and experts who have to fine-tune chatbot and make it more efficient.


Dozens of Chatbot Templates Are Already Here

Over the past year, chatbots have taken over several industries. The companies behind chatbots have recognized the needs of their potential clients, which has resulted in dozens of pre-built chatbot templates.

What does this mean? Anyone can bring a highly specialized and custom-tailored chatbot on board their teams. This doesn’t put any additional costs on top. Pre-built chatbot templates are free and easy to use.


Service Enabled via Multiple Communication Channels

Service Enabled via Multiple Communication Channels

With markets becoming volatile and oversaturated and the competition becoming harsh, business need to step up their game, both in terms of service and marketing. Making a business available at multiple communication channels can turn into a budget-breaking expense.

This is also where chatbots excel. Why? Because one chatbot can be integrated into several communication channels. This includes Facebook Messenger, Live Chat on a website, Skype, Slack, Viber, and more. This is another reason why we should expect the year 2018 to be a tipping point for chatbot intelligence.


The Customer-Centric Approach is on the Rise

Having a customer-centric approach in the service and marketing departments is no longer a recommendation. It has become the best practice that promises great results, both in terms of generating more sales and creating loyal customers.

Thanks to the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are able to learn from past conversations and deliver custom-tailored offers to customers. A great thing about this process is that it is completely automated and comes at no additional cost.


Machine Learning Makes Chatbots Future-proof

Up until now, businesses had to take into consideration the future when they were investing in new technologies. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are two things that make chatbots future-proof. What does this mean?

First, knowing that you can rely on a single technology for a long time takes a great burden off your chest. Both in terms of investments and maintenance. And second, since chatbots can learn from their past experiences, they can’t grow obsolete over time, but only better and more efficient at what they are set up to do.


Smarter Business Decisions

Did you know that chatbots track, record, and store all their actions? Yeah, they do, and this includes all the interactions with the customers and leads as well. Thanks to the analytics and automated reporting, a business can now harness the power of accurate reports.

In other words, analytics enable businesses to make accurate and data-driven decisions. Since chatbots track and record data in real-time, you can generate reports whenever you need to, and you will always get up-to-date reports. Quite neat, if you ask me.


Availability is Not an Issue

At last, we have to address the availability issues businesses face when they use human agents to deliver a service to markets spread out over several time zones. This practice can stretch out the service and customer support departments, taking a big chunk of the quality they deliver to clients and customers.

Chatbots are tireless. One chatbot can not only cover several communication channels but also work 24/7/365 without ever sacrificing its efficiency to maintain the same quality of the service provided. Not to mention the language support some of the best chatbot platforms offer these days – all so that the end user experience can be improved.

When we look at all of this, it becomes clear that 2018 will definitely be a tipping point for chatbot intelligence. They offer businesses a plethora of benefits and promise a competitive position in saturated markets.