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Updated by Carolina Carports on May 17, 2018
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Benefits of Installing Carports

If you want to keep your car operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible, you should ensure your car is protected. Plus, carports are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including



If you do not have a garage attached to your home, you may consider installing a metal or steel Carolina carport for your vehicle. It is a misconception that cars do not need protection from the elements.


Weather safety

Whether your town is known for severe weather or not, it is critical to have some vehicle protection in place. A metal carport can keep your car shielded from rain, sleet, snow, or harsh summer sun. These protective structures often take the place of a garage.



Carports are typically open air and do not have doors. This can be more convenient than a garage in many different situations. When you come home with a ton of groceries or luggage, you do not have to wrestle with a door or garage opener. Carports do not require electricity, so car protection such as a steel carport will also save you money on energy bills.


Added value to your home

If you are planning to sell your home in the near to distant future and do not have a garage, a metal carport can add to the value of your home. With a carport, prospective buyers looking at your home will know that they have a safe place to store their car, rather than needing to always park on the street.


Additional vehicle storage

Maybe you have a garage and need a place to store another vehicle, boat, trailer, etc. A metal or steel Carolina carport can act as that storage facility for these and any other seasonal items that must be stored in the offseason.


Protection from burglars

A metal or steel carport can help increase the safety of your home. It can shield your door from burglars or vandals. Intruders may think twice about entering a carport so visible and close to your home.



Not having a garage can be a bummer, especially if you have additional cars or items you would like to store. However, steel carports, metal carports, and Carolina carports can be installed to take the place of a garage. These structures are relatively inexpensive, and can protect your car from the elements, add convenience and value to your home, offer increased storage, and protection from intruders.