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Getting a good job is the dream of everyone. But the candidates often face difficulties during an interview. Job interview never seems to be easy.  The more you prepare the more comfortable and successful you will be at interviewing. Here are the job interview tips which can help you in preparing for the interview. Practice […]

Google News no longer supports the standout meta tag and Editors’ Pick

A few months after Google drops support for the meta news keywords tag, Google removes two other webmaster-related publisher features.

Google Confirms Rolling Out a Broad Core Search Algorithm Update Earlier This Week - TheNextHint

Google has confirmed rumors that a search algorithm update took place on Monday. Some sites may have seen their rankings improve, while others may have seen negative or zero change. 

Must Know SEO Tips for Every Beginners | What is SEO - TheNextHint

In today’s world, Digital marketing is gaining importance as we are moving towards globalization. It has now become an integral part of brand awareness and lead generation for your business. Whether you are running a small, medium or large business, Digital marketing is for all. It all starts with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. So, to rank your business or to increase the visibility of your website, you have to go through the SEO. And for this purpose, companies are hiring candidates for this profile. It is basically an online marketing strategy to meet the potential customers.


After completing graduation, getting a new job is the ultimate need of everyone. Especially fresher are often scared because they are new to the corporate world. They don’t have any idea how to find a good job. Where to find a job? So, here in this article, I am going to explain the methods which can help you in getting the right job.

5 Top Career opportunities in the field of Information Technology - TheNextHint

In today’s world, most of the people and companies are highly dependent on the technologies, software’s and hardware’s etc. All these needs of the business world and society are fulfilled by the IT people; they make the best technologies, to provide an appropriate solution to people or organizations. IT workers play a very crucial role in any organization. There are high demands for the candidates in Information Technology Company. A career in technology fields is rewarding with good job prospects, personal development with high salary package for the candidates.

How To Turn Job Openings Into Success? - TheNextHint

Now a day, the competition is getting tough. Every business wants to make a reputation in the market. And for this, they require a website to reach out to the targeted audience. But only designing a website is not enough. It needs to be customized and modified in a way that can meet the client requirements. There are billions of websites on the internet. They are maintained at the back-end by the web developer or PHP developer. That is basically the reason behind the various job openings in this profile.   So, before getting into the different PHP frameworks, let’s have its brief introduction.


Having and beautiful and attractive website the requirement of every business. But just think for a minute. Is building a website enough? Is the look and feel of the website the right way to gain traffic? The answer is a big no because somewhere it diminishes the effectiveness of the website. We should always keep in mind that our goal is not only to have a beautiful website that will let people stay but also a website that will be helpful to the search engines as well.

Top Challenging IT to Build a Meaningful Career - TheNextHint

The IT industry is well known for plenty of job titles, roles, and responsibilities which make it hard to know exactly what employees do their. There are vast career opportunities in IT jobs. Here in this article, I am going to explain some of the popular position in IT industry.

Is Your Computer Slow? Here Are 10 Ways to Make it Run Faster - TheNextHint

Slow computers in today’s world can be extremely frustrating to use. The amount of time they use to respond or to perform a task can prove to be over whelming. Slow computers can be the result of the programs you have installed or even viruses which are running in the background, both of which can lead to less storage. Usually, when people come across this problem they think that the only way to solve their slow computer issues is by getting a new computer. That might be the answer sometimes, but most of the time it’s not. And before making such a costly decision, it’s important that you follow the following steps and see if your computer’s speed increases.

Top 100+ High Page Rank Profile Creation Sites List 2018 - TheNextHint

Profile Creation Sites are best way to boost your traffic, keywords ranking and backlinks. Google gives advantages to your website, if it is listed in good website. Profiles are also a great medium to engage with individuals, businesses and companies around the World. To create engaging profiles, a web designer used creativity and advanced features, so that a business owner can create attractive and a profile that shows complete information.


In order to bring traffic on the website, it is mandatory for any organization to keep keen eyesight on social media platforms. Digital marketing for any organization is very necessary because it does not only help in generating traffic on the websites but also increases brand visibility, brand awareness and online presence for the prospective consumers. 

Top 5 Trends of E-Commerce Industry in 2018 - TheNextHint

With the increase in competition among B2B marketers, it becomes difficult to sustain in the market.  This problem is primarily seen in the E-commerce industry. So, in order to compete, one needs to adopt the trends of the market. E-commerce industry has evolved largely in recent years and is moving at a great pace to provide buying and selling solution directly to the customers. It has provided a D2H service which is fundamentally different from that of buying products from shops or any outlets. It is expected to have some change in upcoming trends in 2018 which will be a boost in the E-commerce industry.


Making your brand recognition is not an easy task. These days, Companies find difficulties in targeting the audience. That’s basically the reason they are adopting the digital marketing strategies rather than the traditional one.


In the present scenario, the growth of the business depends upon the customers and their demands. People prefer to see referrals, reviews over Google Search result and on the website of that company before purchasing any product. To stand by the flow, we should be aware of what customers say about our products. So, you need to participate in such communities where you can interact with your customers. The ultimate solution to this problem is the social media.

How to Increase Website Traffic – A Guide for Beginners - TheNextHint

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. are designed to search information on the World Wide Web. Various search results appear when we type a particular keyword. Thousands of scientists and mathematician are consistently working in a quiet room to increase the artificial intelligence of the search engines. These search engines work on the algorithms to provide the most suitable result. Nowadays Google has become the widely used search engine. So, to rank your website in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), one needs to focus on the following methods.

Google’s Page Speed Update does not impact indexing - TheNextHint

In response to questions raised in the community, here’s clarification about how indexing is impacted by the Google Page Speed Update. 


An excellent website demands a lot of efforts and creativity. For designing a user-friendly website, one needs to have sound knowledge of its concept. There are billions of websites on the internet. So, it is important to design a website which looks different from the others. Here in this article, there are some guidelines which would be beneficial in designing a great website.

Google to notify those who leave reviews when business owners respond - TheNextHint

Google announced both on Twitter and in its forums that it will notify customers or users who leave reviews on Google Local results after owners respond to their reviews.

Google confirms it shortened search results snippets after expanding them last December - TheNextHint

Google has confirmed that only about five months after increasing the search results snippets, it has now decreased the length of these snippets. Danny Sullivan of Google wrote, “Our search snippets are now shorter on average than in recent weeks.” He added that they are now “… slightly longer than before a change we made last December.”

Best Way to Increase Traffic to Your Website – A Guide For Beginners - TheNextHint

If you are running a business, you need a website. For the website, you need visitors to increase the traffic. They visitors perform actions that you want them to perform. The action could be anything. It may be purchasing your product, subscribing to your email newsletter, or downloading your PDF file.

Top 6 Powerful Tools to Proofread Your Content - TheNextHint

There is no doubt’s in anyone mind that a good content is essential for Search Engine Optimization. The search engine gives priority to those websites which have high quality and unique content.  Content should be grammatically errored free and informative so that it can engage readers. A visitor on your website stays only when they find quality content.


Nowadays businesses are ready to do everything in order to compete with the market. So, to connect with the potential client globally, they need a well-designed website. Designing a website means you are giving the look and feel which a visitors love. After designing a website, it should be developed at the back-end for its proper functionality.

The new and AI-improved Google News now available for iPhone and iPad - TheNextHint

Google has launched the iOS version of its new AI-powered Google News app, based on Google Play Newsstand, which it replaces. Available for both the iPhone and iPad (and Android), it’s dramatically better than the old Google News app experience.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 - TheNextHint

The marketing pattern is constantly changing due to emerging technologies. So, it is hard to keep up with the pace. However, to compete with the marketers, you need to ahead of the curve so that you can take the advantages of new marketing opportunities.