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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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10 Famous Food Items to Try Out in Bangkok – The Choices are Endless!

Thailand has such a wide variety of food that most people don't know where to start! Here 10 Famous dishes that are worth trying out in Bangkok.


Gai Tod

If you've ever wandered around Bangkok's streets of it's hard to miss these orange/golden coloured deep-fried chicken delights that are better than the chicken served in most of the famous fast food restaurants. This delicacy goes well with either deep fried shallots or sticky rice.


Chocolate and Banana Roti

The chocolate and Banana roti is very similar to roti Parata served in Singapore but tastier! The roti which is made in front of you consists of dough which is spread wafer-thin onto the heated griddle with cut up bananas put into the centre and then browned till its golden. Sugar, chocolate sauce and condensed milk are added as a topping once roti is fried.


Kanom Jeeb

Prepared in an assortment of colours Kanom Jeeb look very similar to the traditional Chinese siew mai. Kanom Jeeb is a steamed meat dumpling that contains shrimps prepared in Thai style with mushrooms, water chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms mixed with a soy-garlic sauce.


Quail Eggs

Quail eggs, a delicacy that can be found in the Asian region is served at street food stalls and also at some of the best Bangkok restaurants and hotels that Thailand has to offer, such as the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel.


Moo Ping

Similar to the satay made in Singapore, the Moo Ping made in Thailand are pork skewers prepared with charcoal to make the meat smoky. Unlike the Singaporean satay, however, the portion of meat you get is three times more in the moo ping.


Pla Pao

Most people having Pla Pao for the first time might be surprised how the fish can be enjoyed when its covered in so much salt but the key to enjoying this dish is peeling the skin off the fish. The salt is used to simply seal the flavour of the fish while it's being grilled and isn't meant to be consumed. Once the skin of the fish has been peeled off you'll find a delicate fish meat which goes well when served along the sticky or jasmine rice.


Gai Yang

Gai Yang is Thailand's own version of chicken chops, but much bigger. An entire chicken is cut in half and pounded flat, marinated and then grilled over charcoal at a low heat very slowly. Like many of the other Thai dishes, Gai Yang is also best served with an array of sauces and chillies.


Khanom Bueang

Khanom Bueang is crispy pancakes shaped like tacos with toppings and sweet coconut shreds sprinkled on the top are one of the dishes you have to try out!


Kanom Krok

Kanom Krok which is prepared using a griddle is a floury snack that when eaten fresh straight off the griddle has a molten core covered with a slightly crisp, elastic casing. You can call it a bite-sized Asian lava cake.


Kuay Teow Lui Suan

This dish is very similar to the spring rolls found in Vietnam except that kway teow strips (a type of noodles) are used as for wrapping instead. A variety of ingredients from vegetarian to meat options are used to prepare them and you can watch them prepare it when you order at a night market.