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Updated by Juego Studios on May 30, 2023
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App Development Company

We are one of the leading App design and development companies, creating high quality applications for iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Mac, Online& Facebook and also for augmented & virtual reality.

App Development Company - Mobile App Developers

We are one of the leading App design and development companies, creating high quality applications for iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Mac, Online & Facebook and also for augmented & virtual reality.

Case Study - Geo-Mapped Data Visualization Framework

Juego Studios built a dynamic 2D & 3D mapping platform with AR/VR integration that provides real time information.

Is Google Play Store following the Apple App Store Path? | Juego Studios

Google Play Store has been used by many app developers to showcase their apps to the world. Many updates show that google play store follows Apple App store path.

3 Real World Problems That can be Solved with Internet of Things (IoT)

A technology that allows interconnected physical devices to transmit data to each other, the Internet of Things(IoT) is likely to play a huge part in shaping the world of tomorrow. Here’s a quick look at 3 current real world problems that IoT can solve in the near future

Surprise Release Of New Pokémon Game Named Pokémon Duel

Watch Out! There' a new Pokémon game in town. Six months after the release of Pokémon Go, The Pokémon Company has come up with a new strategy board game today, Pokémon Duel, without any promotion. This game has all the Pokémon game elements with roulette in the gameplay.

Education Industry | Educational Game Development

By implementing Augmented Reality and virtual reality educational games, Juego Studios offers an immersive education learning process. VR and AR turn real world into virtual world attracting the attention of students. Juego Studios offers an immersive learning process.

Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development | Juego Studio

Juego Studio pioneers in the web application development across the industry. As AngularJS is indispensable in the front end web development similarly Juego Studio is the place to go when web application development needs. Get in touch with us with your requirements and we’ll get back to your as soon as possible.

Geo-Mapped Data Visualization Framework - Case Study

Juego Studios built a Geo-Mapped Data Visualization Framework to create a dynamic 2D and 3D mapping platform with AR and VR integration that provides real time information.

Educational Apps: Learning made easy | Case Study

Juego Studios excels in the development of educational apps which can be used for learning irrespective of age. Our apps can be used anywhere, anytime by all those seeking to learn. Our educational apps are such that users enjoy learning through them.

Enterprise application solutions | enterprise solutions company

Juego Studio offers Enterprise Application Solutions to give business management and information accessibility for Clients in the Current world. Our Enterprise technology services are scalable, portable and Manageable.

Mobile Application Development Service | Mobile application developers

As a leading Mobile Application Development Service company based in India, USA, Dubai, UK etc. Juego studio provides native applications across platforms like ios, android, hybrid with best mobile app developers.

Mobile application developers | Mobile app development companies

At Juego Studios, our mobile application developers have more than a decade of experience and know the state-of-the-art technologies to develop and deploy business applications with strong knowledge on tools and technologies like Objective C, Swift, Java, C#, Node JS, Angular JS, Three.JS, Unity, Native SDKs & Hybrid Application Frameworks including Xamarin, Ionic, React Native etc.

How Augmented reality and Virtual reality will Reshape Different Industries

We see new technologies and trends emerge almost every day. We reshaping of various industrial sectors through Augmented reality and Virtual reality is imminent and Juego Studios are following these trends very closely.

Game Design Company | Game Design Company USA

Have an idea for a game? We’ll help you build it. Get end to end game design and Game development services from Juego Studios, a leading game design company.

Best Game Engine: 10 Reasons Why 45% of Games Made in Unity3D

Globally majority of the Game Developers are using Unity 3D. The top 34 % of free mobile games available on the Play Store and App Store are made by Unity. Unity 3Ds’ gaming platforms help build games that reached over 500+ million gamers worldwide and that number is increasing year-on-year. Here are the 10 reasons why Unity 3D is the Best Game Engine. Read more.

Best Game Engines in 2020 for Game Development | Juego Studio

The tools available are numerous, but it takes a great deal of engineering knowledge along with spending a lot of time to learn each of the tools to be able to create the game of your dreams. Let us go through some of the most popular game engine and tools used for game development. Here we list out the best tool and game engine for your business needs.

Unity 3D Game Development Company | Unity3D Game Developers USA, UK

Looking for a Unity 3D Game development company? We create exciting games, ios and android apps with Unity. Explore our Portfolio & Case Studies to know more.

Android Game Development | Android Game Development Studio USA, UK, India

Juego Studios is a world-class Andriod Game Development company, we create astonishing android games in 2D & 3D format. Contact us for more details. Our team includes some of the top Android game developers in the industry who are constantly educating and adapting themselves to the latest trends in Android development with thorough knowledge of engines like Unity, Cocos-2dx, Unreal, and other SDKs help us to build stunning games on android devices.

How Does HTML5 Games are Boon to the Today's Gaming Industry

HTML5 works parallel with current technologies and tools and hence is seen as befitting to carry the enthusiastic ‘Generation Next’ tag in its most iconic manner! To achieve new milestones in your business and marketing strategies you need an ace player in the Industry who knows the pulse of HTML5 gaming. Wondering how HTML5 Games does is Boon to the present Game Development Industry. Here are some of the benefits of HTML5 technology and its forecast.

Video Game Live Streaming: An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Blog

People are inclined more towards video game live streaming as it offers entertainment & an opportunity to earn & also interactive platform that lets you engage with audience. Video game live streaming is an idea whose time has come! It has taken the industry by storm and has changed the gaming industry. People are inclined more towards live streaming as it offers entertainment and an opportunity to earn

iOS Game Development Company USA | iOS Game Developers India

Juego Studios is an iOS Game Development Company that develops engaging games for iPad & iPhone with a team of skilled iOS Game developers. Connect with us! Our team consists of skilled iOS game developers with deep understanding of the platform, core knowledge on the game engines like Unity3D, Cocos-2dx, and Unreal etc. and up to mark on the regular OS updates helps to build good quality games.

Growing popularity of online gambling game apps market | Juego Studio

A gambling game is where multiple players interact with each other through the form of betting and based on his or her actions earns a reward or receives a penalty which is in monetary form. Online Gambling gaming Industry is growing rapidly in the current scenario. Check out some popular gambling games apps and how this industry is growing.

A guide to the top coding languages for games - Juego Studio | Blog

The choice of a coding language for a game can be decided by the ambitions of the game. An expert in the field of game development such as Juego Studios can help you decide the best coding language based on the right technologies and tools based on the requirement of your game technically. We have covered some of the top coding languages for games. Juego Studios is right place to find right game development experts.

The Evolution And The Future Of Video Game User Interface | Blog

The video game UI is the way players can interact with the game. In this blog you will learn about Evolution and Future of Video Game User Interface. At Juego Studios, we create and help people create games ready for the next generation. You can expect augmented reality, Virtual reality, and other popular technologies in the games we create. If you want a well-built game with impeccable UI, Juego studios are the best place to be.

13 Incredible Breakthroughs In Gaming Technology - Juego Studio

Gaming technology is spreading like wildfire driven by the fourth industrial revolution. It makes futuristic technology a possibility right here & right now.